Monday, 15 September 2014

Top Ten Things Outlander and Downton Abbey Have In Common

While I wait to learn the fate of Edith's baby, if Mary gets married again, or if Daisy and Alfred fall in love for real in the next season of Downton Abbey, Outlander is providing a lovely distraction. Oh sure, there's more fighting and cursing in Gaelic, but the two period serials in fact have a lot in common.

Top Ten Things Outlander and Downton Abbey Have In Common

#1. Life in the past was TOUGH. Especially for a woman, even the rich ones didn't have a lot of choices. Here's my advice, if you ever come across a time machine, run the other way.

#2. Every village needs a castle.

#3. The kitchen staff know ALL of your business.

Mrs. Fitzgibbons
Mrs. Patmore

#4. Chamber pots are inevitable.

#5. Taking a stroll over sweeping landscape provides for good conversation.

Claire and Jaime

Matthew and Mary

#6. Sex can happen at the most inappropriate times.

#7. Horses come in very handy.

#8. Mud happens...a lot.

Claire and Jamie mud caked and outrunning the British

Mary tends to the pigs

#9. Nothing says celebration like a long table full of wine and food.

#10. The working farm boy is always sexier than the British gentleman.

Tom the Irish chauffeur

Jamie MacHottie

Bonus! Run out of dialogue or the plot stalls? Add a war.

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