Wattpad has been such a huge addition to my writing platform. I've connected with writers and readers from all over the world. Wattpad describes itself as “the best place to discover and share stories.” It includes content by undiscovered and published writers alike. It's amazing that all you need to access this electronic library of millions of stories is your cell phone.

Here are some of my short stories now available on wattpad...for FREE!


Murderous witches. Cannibalistic dwarfs. Bloodthirsty dragons. Sixteen year old, skullery maid   Tess will have to battle them all because she has been cursed by true love's kiss.

Read this YA fantasy short story for free.
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Sixteen-year-old Pete Cooper thinks he can forget Allie, his first love, but her ghostly reminders make that impossible

Read this YA contemporary short story for free here.

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Seventeen-year-old, social outcast, Sidney Talbot, never stood out from the crowd, but an offer made one night at a beach party changes everything—now all she wants is to be invisible.   

Read this YA paranormal short story for free here.

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Hopeful heir, Edward Nichols, travels to his family's English estate for the reading of his late Uncle's will only to find Craigmoore Manor has been turned into the scene of a murder investigation.

Read this short murder mystery for free here.

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Arianna said...

I just realized thses came from my Write-Off!! Why does this make me so happy?

Bethany Myers said...

YES! It should make you happy. Without your contest these little characters and all their conflict wouldn't exist!

Thank you, Arianna!

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