Thursday, 17 November 2016

10 Things Writing Has Taught Me

1. Good writing takes practice.

No one ever sat down at a piano and played a concerto without a lesson. Writing is a craft that deserves an investment of your time.

2. Being hopeful is just as important as being persistant.

Writers are inherently hopeful, otherwise no one would ever start a story.

3. Bad writing is better than no writing.

I can't edit a blank page.

4. Don't write to sell books, write to share stories.

Authenticity cannot be faked. If I don't care about my characters the readers won't either.

5. There are always ways to improve your writing, but don't let all 'the rules' keep you from finding your style.

I keep my inner editor turned off until I've finished the story.

6. There is a difference between dreams and goals.

Success is reaching goals, but my dreams are the fuel that help me reach my goals.

7. There is no limit to where my stories can take me.

Imagination affords me the luxury of taking vacations anywhere, anytime. 

8. My characters are depending on me.

Truly, as the author, I am the only one who can tell their story.

9. Writing requires patience and willingness to leave my comfort zone. 

I write more fluidly when I write without fear.

10. You're never too old to try something new.

I didn't start writing until my mid-thirties.

What has writing taught you?

Saturday, 5 November 2016

My Secret Weapon To Tackling #NaNoWriMo2016

I'm trying a new way of tackling #NaNoWriMo, (National Novel Writing Month). I'm going to be posting my story chapter by chapter on Wattpad.


A few reasons actually.

1. Motivation: There is nothing that makes me write faster than a reader asking, 'What happens next? Dying for the next update. UPDATE PLEASE!'

2. Gratitude: Wattpad has been essential in helping me achieve my goal of being published. I want to share this story as a thank you for all the opportunity the Wattpad readers have given me.

3. Immediate feedback: It's like having a built in army of BETA readers.

4. Building a fan base: If more people are checking out your profile because you're currently engaging them, they'll also be more likely to be interested in other projects you're already written.

5. Connecting with other writers: Writing is a solitary activity and sometimes we need to lean on one another for support. Wattpad leads to all other online sites. Never underestimate the power of a good Twitter buddy.

6. Popularity: Just kidding, although it is another motivator when you see the numbers go up for your story.

7. Star Search: Since Wattpad is driven by readers, it can be an important tool in determining what the next trend will be, therefore, Wattpad is crawling with agents/editors/publishers who are trolling, regularly keeping an eye on the writers who are making an impact.

What are your motivations for #NaWriNoMo?

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