Monday, 8 April 2013

Top 5 Plot Holes on "Once Upon A Time"

Is it any wonder that the creators of LOST have us once again scratching our heads? But the 'write as we go' method seems to be working out, partly because the first season was so good that we're already invested in the characters...and some of us are still hoping a certain Sheriff will return permanently *ahem.*

However, there are some plot holes that are too glaringly ridiculous to ignore.

#1. If Regina is the daughter of Cora and a Prince, she would already be royalty. So why did Cora plan and execute an elaborate plan (ie: kill another Queen, spook little Snow White's horse etc...) when Regina was already set to inherit a kingdom?

#2. Where did the "Once Upon A Time" story book come from? Mary Margaret gave the book to Henry, but where did she find it?

#3. How did Hook find Neil's apartment so easily? He just happened to defy the laws of physics and sail to New York from Maine in a day? And then he just happened to find Mr. Gold in a city of over eight million people?

What does he have to say for himself?

#4. What is up with Tamara and her super powerful tazer? How can she electrocute and kill a man made of wood? Shouldn't she have set August on fire instead?

#5. So August abandoned baby Emma, then traveled the world for the next twenty-eight years until he ended up in Hong Kong? Did he forget all about the curse until he started to turn to wood?

BONUS! If no one could enter or leave Storybrooke, how did Henry ever manage to get adopted by Regina?

What plot holes drive you crazy about Once Upon A Time?


PK HREZO said...

Haven't seen this series but I can see how these blaring plot holes could be a nuisance. Lost sure wasn't without theirs!! Even tho I loved that show anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm re-watching some of the first season now - the episode of whatever happened to Frederick. If Storybrooke doesn't exist to the real world, how did Kathryn get accepted to a law school in Boston? Wouldn't the admissions office discarded her application since it's from a non existent town?

Kimberlee Turley said...

I might have missed something since I haven't finished Season 2 and have only read up on Season 3 here, but why would Peter Pan have the Lost Boys be looking for Henry when in the Enchanted Forest timeline, Emma and Henry both haven't been born yet? (During Belfire's first visit.)

BR Myers said...

Thanks, Kim. I know, right? I mentioned that very issue on my post for the season 2 finale.

Anonymous said...

1.) If the Storybrooke townspeople don't age, but Henry came from outside Storybrooke, wouldn't he notice that he was the only 1 aging? Especially in his class of other children? Are they all stuck in the same grade in school? How does he fit into that scenario?

2.) The town line can't be crossed at a certain point in the road out of town, or the townspeople lose their true identities. But what about by water? This is a coastal town! How far from shore would they have to travel outside their port before they had the same problem?

Anonymous said...

My question is the whole timeline with Hook. If he supposedly was in Neverland before he was a pirate and Baelfire was there, how did he later go about falling in love with Milah, Baelfire's mother, if Baelfire hadn't even been to Neverland yet at that point? Maybe I just missed something in the plot, but this is really bugging me

Anonymous said...

Yeesh, OUaT is just throwing in plot holes left and right. I'm halfway through season 4 at this point. Ok so first things first, Gold's dagger. Yes, we know that he gave Belle a fake and used his real one to kill Zelena. But then Belle takes Gold to a mansion (which ends up being important later to introduce the hat) and while Belle looks out the window, Gold freezes her and switches the daggers so that Belle supposedly has the real dagger now just because Gold was guilted into being honest with his wife. But just a few episodes later, Gold suddenly has the read dagger back! We watched him switch the daggers!! Explain, please! I may be missing something, but I seriously doubt it. I thought the plot was cleared up when Belle was finally able to control Gold and that she really did have it all along, but we find out she used the gauntlet to find the real dagger. Which leads me to another issue: Maleficent. First of all, huge wardrobe change! Secondly, after Gold enters the real world, he finds Ursula and says they need to make 2 more stops. Side note: how the heck did those 3 ladies get into the real world? I guess I haven't seen everything, but it bugs me. But Maleficent is supposed to be dead. We watched Emma kill her in her dragon form in season 1. How did she, first of all, come back to life, and secondly, leave Storybrooke? These are just a few I've noticed...

Anonymous said...

I have a few answers to some of these.
To OP: #1 Cora realized there were several people in line to be king and queen before Regina could ever get there, prompting her to set up the scheme with Snow White and the horse. #2 Mary Margaret, while under the first curse, stated to Henry that the book appeared in her closet and she doesn't know where it came from. Bonus: it seems that Regina technically wasn't a victim of the curse because she was the one who cast it and she retained her memories, so she wasn't restricted by the town line. But that may have been contradicted in some other episodes.
To anon who posted on 9/6/2014:
Killian was in neverland with his brother before he became a pirate, but that isn't when he met Baelfire. He met Bae after he became a pirate, after Bae had been living alone with Rumple post Milah's death.

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