Sunday, 1 November 2020

Night Shift Series in the Spotlight

I’m excited to announce the Night Shift series has been selected to be part of Wattpad’s Paid Stories program. This means that starting in November readers will be able to support this story by using coins to unlock sections of the novel. 

In preparation for the release the marketing team is revamping the covers to give them a jazzed-up style, and editorial is polishing and catching any stray typos. 

Wattpad readers have given me so much love and encouragement by reading and commenting, and this program is just another way to support my writing.  

For the last few years the Night Shift series has been enjoyed by a loyal following here on Wattpad, to which I will always be thankful. At this time, I feel the extra promotion provided by the Paid Stories program will help a broader range of readers discover these characters I adore. 

You can add find all three books here!

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