Thursday, 22 November 2012

Busgirl Blues

Hey folks,

BUSGIRL BLUES is my YA contemporary romance novella that will be featured on wattpad in the new year.

Sixteen year old, magazine quiz junkie, Kelsey Sinclair wants to make this summer unforgettable by (hopefully) seducing her secret crush, Blaine Mulder. Armed with romance advice articles, Kelsey tackles true love with scientific precision, including getting a job at the seaside restaurant that overlooks the yacht club where Blaine teaches sailing.

However, visions of rendezvous on the beach are clouded when the new kitchen guy's laid back attitude and smouldering stare quickly get under her skin. With his renegade demeanour and unpredictable stunts, Luke is the opposite to Blaine's golden boy reputation.

Determined to follow through with her original goal, Kelsey ignores her growing attraction to Luke, certain he's not the guy for her. But when she finally manages to get Blaine's attention, Kelsey worries the magazines are all wrong, and that sometimes the best matches are the ones you least expect.


Arianna said...

Can't wait to read it!! And, do y'all have Thanksgiving in Canada? If you do, happy Thanksgiving!! If not, happy Thursday! Have a great end of the week and weekend!!

BR Myers said...

Thanks, Arianna!

Our Thanksgiving was last month. It's always the second Sunday in October.

You have yourself a grand weekend and eat lots of pumpkin pie.

Laila N Mysis said...

Sounds cute and amusing (:
But won't your story go up here? :/

BR Myers said...

Hey, Laila,

The story will go on wattpad the end of February.

Jane Lebak said...

Congrats, Bethany!!! I love the cover!

BR Myers said...

Thanks, Jane.

I whipped that cover up just to give it a face. I think wattpad will help me design one for me when it's time to post.

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