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Once Upon A Time, Season 2, Episode 8 “Into The Deep”

Or better title, "Sleepy Heads"

Not exactly the gang from Sex In The City.

Cora greets Captain Sexy Eyes at the base of the beanstalk, furious he doesn't have the compass. He says he has a plan, and that their revenge themed trip to Storybrooke is still set. But Cora isn't charmed by his steely gaze, (or hook) and she leaves in a purple cloud of smoke.

She reappears at the safe camp, and makes an army of zombies with her enchanted hearts.

*Cue the music to Thriller*

Aurora confirms that the boy in her dream is Henry. Mary Margaret recognizes the fiery room from when she bit the cursed apple and fell into a deep sleep. The girls come up with a plan to communicate to Henry that Cora is back in power.

Henry wakes with a start and tells David and the Mayor the good news that Emma and Mary Margaret are all right.


Then he follows with the bad news about Cora.

Boo! money is on Cora and her tribe of zombies.

At Granny's pub/diner/laudromat, Belle and Mr. Gold are enjoying the hamburger platter special. The date is broken up when the Mayor walks in with news that Cora is on her way to Storybrooke. Mr. Gold isn't concerned since he taught her all she knows, and he easily defeated her the last time. The Mayor leans in closer and motions to Belle. She tells him things are different this time because he has someone to lose.

Emma, Mary Margaret, Aurora, and Mulan trek through the forest and come up with a plan.

This is the super sophisticated plan—they set up another camp again! and prepare to let Aurora sleep... again!

Why did they leave the last camp?

When Mulan discovers Aurora is burned, she tries to convince her to stop. Aurora pulls away, adamant that this is her time to help the others—plus she likes all the lines and close ups she's been getting.

"We could run faster if you didn't have all this fabric!"
Henry prepares to fall asleep under the watchful gaze of David and the Mayor. Mr. Gold tells Henry a bedtime story full of special clues.

"Prince Charming and Snow White defeated Rumpelstiltskin by tricking him into using a quill full of magical ink from a octopus deep in the water, which was retrieved with the help of a mermaid."

*Takes deep breath*

Did you get all that?

I'm guessing it was cheaper for Mr. Gold to just say it instead of ABC hiring more actors and building an elaborate underwater set.

Emma paces worriedly as Aurora sleeps at the latest camp site.

These girls have set more fires than the dudes from Fahrenheit 451.

Among the roaring flames, Henry tries to yell the instructions about the ink, but the fire is so loud Aurora can't get the whole message. Aurora wakes up and finds herself in the middle of a zombie attack.

District 12 rules!!
Mary Margaret does her best Katniss impersonation to fight Cora's undead henchmen. Mulan has another plan and takes Aurora away speedy quick. But the zombies easily catch up, and kidnap Aurora.

For zombies, they move pretty fast.

Henry wakes up with a burn on his arm. David and the Mayor exchange a look that can only mean one thing—it's too dangerous for Henry to return, that or they're accusing the other of silent farting.

Aurora is kept prisoner in the pit. Cora brings in a meal and promises that she can bring Phillip's soul back. But Aurora is plucky with a capital 'P'. She refuses Cora's offer...and her plate of linguine with clam sauce.

A crow lands on Mary Margaret's shoulder with a message from Cora. Through the magic of inter-species dialect, Mary Margaret tells Emma and Mulan that Cora will kill Aurora if they don't bring the compass by nightfall. Mulan is indebted to Prince Philip, and has sworn to protect Aurora. But Emma isn't budging. Mary Margaret comes up with another plan—if she falls into a deep enough sleep, she can access the room.

Mr. Gold cures Henry's arm. David refuses to let Henry return to the room, and offers to go in his place.

Hook 'em, Danno!
Captain Sexy Eyes wakes up Aurora and helps her escape the pit. She's suspicious, but he tells her that she must find Emma, and once he steals the magic fairy dust from Cora, he will help them get back to Storybrooke on his ship.

The Mayor makes the sleeping potion for David. Henry enters while she's mixing and boiling, and they talk about how she hasn't been using magic...well, except for that time when she killed her dead lover. She promises Henry to never, ever, ever use magic again...well, right after this potion is done.

Mulan finds a poppy to crush into a sleeping potion for Mary Margaret.

The Mayor puts a drop of her potion on a spinning needle for David—I guess fairy tale characters like to do things the old fashioned way.

Mary Margaret takes the poppy concoction, expecting to meet Henry in the burning room.

Mr. Gold tells David that since this is his first time going under the sleeping curse, he won't wake up in the room, but will need to find it on his own. David wakes in a dark room lined with mirrors

Oh! He's in the Hall of Mystery in the basement of the Ministry of Magic. Ten points for Gryffindor!

Mary Margaret stands in the middle of the 'disco inferno' calling out Henry's name.

Bombs away!
David takes his sweet slow time staring at all the mirrors. Finally, like three years later, he realizes the floor is hot to the touch. He breaks through the tile and falls down through the ceiling of the burning room.

Suddenly...all at once...without if by magic, he and Mary Margaret see each other at the very same time. But the flames won't let the tragic lovers touch.
“You found me!”

“I will always find you!”

Blah, blah, blah...give the message already, freaks.

David tells Mary Margaret the jar of ink in Rumpelstiltskin's cell is powerful enough to defeat Cora. Mary Margaret realizes with horror that David has put himself into a coma on purpose. The only way to save him is with—say it with me—true love's kiss.

Hold on, wasn't he asleep for twenty eight years because of the curse? Whatever.

Mary Margaret wakes up and goes all blubbery as she tells Emma she has to get back to Storybrooke speedy quick to kiss David.

Um...that's the plan anyway, right?

Emma calms her down and reiterates the above logic, but uh-oh...where's Mulan?

Running through the forest to trade the compass for Aurora, that's where!

Is that a heart in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
Cora enters the pit and sees Captain Sexy Eyes. She prepares to pierce his heart with with his own hook, but he tells her there is a special gift for her inside his leathery man pouch.


Cora puts her hand inside his pouch and looks impressed. He's smug and tells her she can get everything she wants.

Gracious! This just turned PG-17. Damn that lucky, Barbara Hershey.

Mary Margaret finds Mulan and tackles her, but Aurora shows up before any hair pulling can begin. She tells them Captain Sexy Eyes let her go and can be trusted...

Cora holds an enchanted heart and mouths the words that Aurora speaks.


Hook, that sexy fella, got her literally. And now Cora controls Aurora.

Predictions for the next episode

  1. David makes less stupid mistakes while he's in his coma
  2. Belle enjoys her hamburger and decides to get a tattoo
  3. Cinderella and her Prince have worked enough back shifts at the cannery to put a down payment on an RV and they go camping at Storybrooke beach where the new lifeguard keeps running back into the water, insisting she's a mermaid
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