Sunday, 25 August 2013

My Afternoon Affair With Christian Louboutin


A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be in Toronto while the Christian Louboutin exhibit was on display at the Design Exchange. At first I wasn't sure it was worth the trip to Bay Street.

I love beautiful things, but I'll admit, I wear the same Fit Flops all summer long—they're brown and very boring.

The only thing I knew about the painfully high heeled shoes was the famous red sole. But since the hubs and the youngest were off to the Blue Jays game, I thought an afternoon of girly time was essential, and there's nothing more girly than shoes.

Oh my!

After five minutes of wandering around the black walled exhibit, I was hooked. Each shoe had a name and was on its own pedestal with special lighting. There were several quotes from the shoemaker himself, and a videography of his life.


Cinderella's slippers.

"What I love about the story of Cinderella is that it shows that the shoe can be an important vector of communication between a man and a woman. I've often witnessed this myself in my boutique."  C. Louboutin

                                                A pair especially made for Miss Piggy!


                                                                       "Dita Cabaret"

                                                                      "India Jane"




                             Because we all need a pair of stiletto boots made with goat hair.


                                      These were actually flats. I totally "LOVE" them.

The main display was framed by a movie screen where a hologram of a showgirl came out to dance for us every twenty minutes.

There was also a curtained off area with 'Fetish' written above the archway. Did I go in?

Of course I did!

There is an element of seduction in shoes that doesn’t exist for men…a woman can be sexy, charming, witty or shy with her shoes.” C. Louboutin

I didn't take any pictures, to be quite honest I thought most of the other shoes were far more sexier than the 'barbed wire thigh high boots' and the 'deadly spiked heels'. But, hey, I wear Fit Flops so...yeah.


I totally loved seeing all the different styles and learning how he draws inspiration from everything around him. If I ever see a pair on sale, like really, really on sale, I might buy them. Because even though I wear Fit Flops, I still like to dress up like a girl now and then.



Unknown said...

The images don't seem to be showing up. Just a heads up. :)

BR Myers said...

Thanks, I think I fixed it. Cheers.

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