Saturday, 23 November 2013

The One Thing You Didn't Know About Dr. Who

November 23, 2013 marks the 50th Anniversary of the sci-fi television show, Dr. Who. Today, Whovians will celebrate in a special, three-D broadcast in theatres around the world.

It's the longest-running science-fiction program on television, and pretty much the longest running dramatic show.

It's based on a very simple premise. Every week a spaceship shaped like telephone box lands somewhere, and out pops the doctor. He meets scary monsters and aliens, and defeats them with his cleverness.
Most Whovians consider themselves experts on all things "The Doctor". But here's one tidbit I bet most of you didn't know.

It was created by a Canadian, former CBC producer Sydney Newman.

Mr. Newman crossed to pond to work with the BBC. After creating The Avengers, they asked him to write a weekend show that would fill in the slot between the afternoon soccer matches and the prime time specials. They were looking for a family show that could teach science and history in a dramatic way.

Dr. Who fit the bill nicely.


And that blue police telephone booth that's the spaceship? Mr. Newman chose it because they needed something easy and cheap that they could re-use every week. It was his idea to have the inside much larger than would be physically possible. Brilliant!

Fifty years of shows is a long time. If you want a quick fix of Dr. Who, Graeme Burke and Robert Smith give you a guide to the top 50 episodes of Dr. Who to watch before you die.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Who! 

Which is your favorite episode?

And when will the doctor be a woman?

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Chagford said...

Ha ha, great question! When will we get a female Doctor!?

When I was young, John Pertwee was my Doctor, and I remember this episode with some terrifying fish creature walking out of the sea at the end. The only episode to scare me that much since was 'Blink' with the Weeping Angels. I still can't look at statues...

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