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Once Upon A Time, Season 3, Episode 8 "Think Lovely Thoughts"

Or better title, "Peter Pan's and Mr. Gold's Super Big Secret"

A street busker in rags does a card trick and swindles a privateer out of a few shillings. Things get violent and the privateer beats him up, taking the poor man's earnings. A little vagabond boy is quickly by his side, pleading with the officers to leave his father alone. The officer says he'd be better off an orphan than with a cheat for a father. The man gets up, brushes off his coat, and calls the boy by name—Rumpelstiltskin.

Henry now fully accepts that only his belief in magic can save Wendy and the island. Peter Pan takes Henry to the camp and lets all the Lost Boys know that the magic of the island will awaken and release their destiny.

A lively game of Twister follows as the celebrate the ambiguous announcement.

Regina and Mr. Gold walk through the DARK (why is it always so frickin' dark?!) jungle making a plan to save Henry with Pandora's Box.

Papa drops little Rumpelstiltskin off to stay with two peasant women who happen to be fond of spinning. He begs his father to stay with him, but Papa insists he needs to go and look for a suitable job—apparently his swindling days are over. Before he leaves though, he gives a teary eyed Rumpelstiltskin a corn husk doll. "Make sure to give it a name," he tells him. "Names are powerful. They make things real."

Hmm....Sheriff Graham. Sheriff Graham. Sheriff Graham. *Looks over shoulder* Nope. Nothing.

Emma and the gang travel towards Peter Pan's camp with Tinkerbell in the lead. Emma and Mary Margaret try and come up with an idea so that David can leave the island with them. They stumble upon Regina and Mr. Gold. Neal is upset and lets everyone know about the prophecy which foretells Henry will be Mr. Gold's undoing. They all draw their swords convinced Mr. Gold is going to kill Henry.

It turns out little Rumpelstiltskin has a natural talent for spinning. The peasant women are overjoyed. He's good enough to work for royalty! But Rumpelstiltskin says he will never leave without his father. They share an uncomfortable glance and tell Rumpelstiltskin his father is a liar and a thief and will always be his burden. Then they give him a magic bean saying it's his ticket to any world he wants to escape to.

But more importantly, he will flourish because of his wicked spinning skills. 


Mr. Gold hands over Pandora's Box hoping to convince them he's trying to save Henry as well. Neal takes the box, but in a begrudging manner.

Neal is all about begrudging.

With magic bean in hand, Rumpelstiltskin finds his father doing card tricks in the pub.

Big deal!

This is pretty tame compared to most parents in this show. Remember David's father? The King was ready to kill him if he didn't marry Midas' daughter. Then he poisoned Snow White so she could never have children.

Dr. Hopper's parents turned Pinocchio's parents into wooden dolls! *shivers*

And let's not forget about Cora. She killed Daniel, and poisoned Snow White's mother, and the King...all so that Regina could be Queen.

Papa explains that no one in town will hire him because he has a reputation as a cheat. Rumpelstiltskin smiles and shows him the bean. Good news! They can start over in a new world. Papa talks about how his own father sold him to an unscrupulous blacksmith. It was a hard life, but he survived by 'thinking lovely thoughts.' When he slept at night, he visited a marvelous place called Neverland.

Rumpelstiltskin thinks that sounds super terrific. They hold hands, throw the bean into the cobblestones and jump into green vortex of fun.

Emma drills Captain Sexy Eyes about ways to keep David alive. Mr. Gold overhears them and offers the chance to make David an elixir back in his shop. But only if they let him help with Henry's rescue.

Neal is unimpressed. He says Mr. Gold should help David, not as part of a deal, but because it's the right thing to do.

Neal's all about the right thing to do.

They gather outside the camp. Here's there plan; run in and get Henry.

Iron clad.


Regina magics the Lost Boys to sleep. They tiptoe around the camp fire, but only find Wendy trapped in her bamboo cage. Neal shows up and they have a Baelfire/Neal reunion. Wendy confesses that she came back to Neverland to save him.

Little Rumpelstiltskin and his Papa land on the shores of British Columbia aka Neverland. They soon discover you can wish for anything and it will appear. Papa says, "Neverland is where the impossible is possible, if you believe it."

He tries to show his son how he used to be able to fly, but he ends up face first in the sand. Rumpelstiltskin guesses maybe it's because he's not a boy anymore. But still, Papa wants to fly, and so they go looking for pixie dust.

Wendy denies knowing or hearing about Henry. Mr. Gold knows she's lying. She cracks faster than an egg toss contest and confesses she's doing Peter Pan's will to save her brothers. She tells them Peter Pan is dying—not the island. He needs Henry's heart to stay alive, in return Henry will die.

Peter Pan and Henry row to Skull Rock. Peter Pan puts up a protection spell and takes Henry further into the cave.

Here's the plan! Mary Margaret and David head to Dead Man's Peak for extra magical water that will keep David alive for when Mr. Gold concocts an antidote back in Storybrooke. Tinkerbell and Captain Sexy Eyes stay at the camp ready to question the Lost Boys when they wake up. Emma, Neal, Mr. Gold, and Regina make their way to Skull Rock.

Little Rumpelstiltskin listens as his papa talks about how powerful pixie dust is and how awesome it is to fly. He invites him to climb a huge redwood. The uppermost top branches contain flowers from which pixie dust is gathered.

How does he know all this? Is it something he just created from his dreams?

But Rumpelstiltskin doesn't want to go up the tree, he doesn't want to fly, plus he's scared of falling from the hundred foot tree to his death.


Undaunted, Papa starts to climb, promising he'll show him how wonderful Neverland can be. He reaches the pixie dust flower. He sprinkles it over his head and proclaims "I want to fly." But the freaky shadow thing shows up and plays party pooper. It doesn't matter how much he believes or how much pixie dust he uses, he doesn't belong on Neverland—he's too old.

This also pertains to celebrities who sign up for reality shows.

The protection spell prevents everyone but Mr. Gold from entering the cave. Only he can pass because he has no shadow. He's not surprised. He tells the others Peter Pan rigged it this way, to keep him in and the others out.

Realizing Mr. Gold is their only hope to save Henry, Regina tosses him Pandora's Box. Then, like two seconds later, Emma comes up with the idea that if they block the moon with magic, their shadows disappear.

*rolls eyes*

She and Regina do their jazz hand magic thing and make the air go swirly. Neal stands in the background begrudgingly.


Peter Pan leads Henry to a huge hour glass, marking the passage of how much magic is left—not a lot, folks. Peter Pan seems to grow  paler by the minute.

Fearing something terrible has happened to his father, little Rumpelstiltskin cries while clutching his corn husk doll. Papa shows up and disappointingly tells him that Neverland is just for children and that he doesn't belong. But Rumpelstiltskin isn't upset. As long as they can be together, that's all that matters. Papa hangs his head and says he'll always be a useless father and that Rumpelstiltskin is better off without him.

In order to stay, Papa has to believe he's a child again. He can't very well have a son running around on the island reminding him he's a dad with grown up responsibilities. The creepy shadow arrives and pulls little Rumpelstiltskin away. In doing so, it takes his shadow. The magic created casts a spell.

Papa grown younger and becomes...Peter Pan.

*Jaw drops*

Dear ABC,

You got me. Well done.



PS Please bring Schmexy back.



Peter Pan leaves Henry to face Mr. Gold. He offers a way for both of them to live on the island, but Mr. Gold isn't buying. Peter Pan laughs and comments on how much they're alike; he traded his son for youth and Mr. Gold traded his son for magic.

Mr. Gold says he regretted leaving Neal the second he disappeared, and has spent every day since then looking for him. Finished with the family reunion, he takes out Pandora's Box. But it won't open!

Peter Pan grins maliciously, and holds out the real Pandora's Box. Apparently he only has to think of something and it will appear.

Okay, whatever.

When Peter Pan opens the box Rumpelstiltskin is sucked in speedy quick.

Little Rumpelstiltskin is soothed by the peasant spinners. They try to comfort him and ask about his corn husk doll he loved so much. He says his doll, Peter Pan, is gone forever.

Oh, *light bulb moment* he named the doll Peter Pan.

The freshly created Peter Pan flies all over Neverland enjoying his new place. He goes to Skull Rock, curious that he's never seen it in his dreams. The creepy shadow greats him with the news that Neverland is a place for children to visit in their dreams, but now he's broken the rules and the hour glass will measure how much time he has on the island before he dies.

Henry stands in front of the hour glass. He now realizes that having the heart of the truest believer means doing a transplant. Henry accepts that he will never leave Neverland. He's ready. Peter Pan magics his hand enabling Henry to perform his own heart transplant.

Okay, whatever.

Emma, Neal, and Regina show up in time to tell Henry that he will die if he gives his heart to Peter Pan. Henry is torn, he wants to be the hero, but all the grown ups are saying weird stuff like, "trust us", "we love you", "Hello! This dude kidnapped you."

Henry smiles and says he loves them, but he has to save magic. He thrusts his heart into Peter Pan's chest. A green wave pulsates over Neverland. Henry collapses as Peter Pan glows in a creepy kind of way.

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