Saturday, 2 November 2013

Top Five Worst Fictional Boyfriends

There's nothing better than discovering a new book with a wonderful character to swoon over. I even made a list of fictional boys I wished were real. However, some fellas are best left on the page.

Here are my picks for the top five worst fictional boyfriends.

#1. Edward Cullen

Your date will consist of him piggy backing you through the forest while he constantly reminds you that he's fighting the urge to eat your intestines. Sure, he's refined, well read, and likes classical music, but seriously... he's in love with your blood type, not you.

#2. Holden Caulfield

Poor Holden. Growing up is tough, but dating a guy who is fighting puberty will make for poor conversation and awkward flirting at Starbucks.

#3. Draco Malfoy

I get the bad boy attraction and the whole badass "my dad's a Death Eater" thing, but the dude can't even perform a simple spell to help you fight the baddies. And let's be clear, if you hang out with Draco you'll need to have gotten OWL's on your defence against the dark arts.

#4. Christian Grey

Call me old fashioned, but ropes and chains are meant for winter driving emergencies—not first dates. Sorry, I don't get the attraction... like at all.

#5. George Wickham

An English accent and a regimental uniform can make a girl's knees turn to water. However, beware because this officer is NOT a gentleman. He'll be selfish and aloof with your feelings. Plus he's so cheap, he'll lie about forgetting his wallet, and make you pay for the date.

BONUS!!!  Heathcliff

Yes, just Heathcliff. A guy with only one name should be warning enough. You'll hope that his cruelty is the manifestation of his frustrated love for you, and that his brutish behavior is a guise, hiding the hero underneath. He's just mean.

Can you think of anymore bad boys?


Sam said...

I agree with your sentiments about the archetypical abusive male with a wounded soul. The fact that he has a wounded soul doesn't exactly make up for the fact that he' know...abusive :p

S.P. Bowers said...

Great list. I've never been one for bad boys, personally so they're all on the list.

Kimberlee Turley said...

Don't want to share the book title, but the guy is douche bag to the girl and yet she thinks its sexy.

Sus said...

Agreed on all points! Worst. Fictional. Boyfriends. EVER!

Laila N Mysis said...

I second Sus. Well chosen. Especially with Draco - you said it perfectly ^_^

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