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Once Upon A Time Season 4, Episode 7 "Smash the Mirror"

Or better title, "Sister Act"


A long time ago...

The Snow Queen pays a visit to the wild haired apprentice with news that she has the mysterious wizard's stolen magic hat...'cause she stole it from Anna who stole it from Rumpelstiltskin.

I thought he was a mouse?

Ingrid will give the wizard back his hat in exchange for the happiness she once knew with her sisters. Then she boldly asks for two magical sisters, just like her. Okay, make that one magical sister—she's already found Elsa.

The apprentice frowns. The spell to find her perfect match for a third sister will take time. She assures him she is a very patient woman.


Henry finds Emma hiding in the forest with her dangerous spark sputtering hands. His voice cracks as he tells Emma that her powers won't hurt the ones she loves, but when she tries to hug him he gets zapped and ends up falling down and cutting his ear.

"Its okay, Mom," he whimpers, running away.

The Snow Queen arrives (still in the white dress and three inches of cleavage *rolls eyes*) ready to lend an empathetic ear. "Don't worry about those muggle losers, you're magical and that's super cool. Let's start a club called Sisters Rule! We'll make t-shirts!"


Robin and Regina wake up after a full night of making out in the crypt. He says, "Let me take you back to my camp and cook you breakfast?"

She could say, "Hey, why don't I try and find a curse to wake up your frozen wife." Instead she shows him the storybook that details all the lives of the fairy tale characters. Robin has never seen the book. She laments how the author wrote her as a villain...and we all know villains never have happy endings. Robin takes this as a challenge and they make out again.

Mary Margaret is worried about Emma hiding in the woods. Elsa says, "When your powers are out of control you don't want to be around the people you love. But they're the only ones that can help you."

Henry arrives with his bloody ear and everyone exchanges awkward glances.

Back in Arendale, Elsa is excited to prepare a welcome back dinner for Anna. Ingrid arrives and tells Elsa the truth about her parents wanting to take away her powers, then she drops the bomb that she was trapped in the urn by Elsa's mother. And now Anna plans to do the same to Elsa.


Emma asks Mr. Gold to help her control her powers.

"There's only one way," he says. "If you lose your power you'll be...ordinary."

Gasp! Dear God, not ordinary!

However, the spell will set off such a blast that everything, except Emma, will be destroyed within a city block radius. They agree to meet at an abandoned mansion that no one has every heard of in Storybrooke.

Elsa pays Anna a visit in the dungeon.

Um...who the heck put her in there? Ingrid? How can a stranger lock up one of the princesses? Doesn't Elsa rule the kingdom?

Anyway, Elsa lets Anna know she has a plan to trap evil Aunt Ingrid back into the urn.


Emma calls Mary Margaret with the good news that she's getting rid of her magic forever. Hook is suspicious and makes a secret call on his cell phone, but apparently Emma's not taking anymore calls and it goes straight to voice mail.


Elsa and Anna search the castle for the urn. They go straight to the forbidden East Wing which no one has talked about before this moment. The sisters wonder what it must have been like for their mother to turn on her own sister.

*cough* FORESHADOW! *cough*

They find a cabinet with a frozen Hans inside, and the guess what? The urn is behind him.

Mr. Gold pays the Snow Queen a visit inside her winter wonderland bedroom. They both monologue about their diabolical plans. Mr. Gold has the upper hand as he sprinkles the remnants of the urn around the Snow Queen, temporarily trapping her in place.

Robin visits Will at Granny's pub/diner/laudromat with the stolen storybook. He asks Will to help him find the author.

Mary Margaret pines over pictures of Emma and wonders if they should rush out to stop her from releasing her powers. David says, "Nah, she'll be better ordinary."

Elsa eavesdrops and is disturbed that Emma's parents wouldn't accept her as she is. She takes the vial of locator spell Regina dropped off earlier and Emma's red scarf (a scarf we've never seen her wear).

Will and Robin break into the library looking for a clue about the storybook.

Regina asks Henry to talk about what happened when Emma sent him smashing into the forest floor. She magics his wound all better, but instead of saying, thanks, he gets all bummed out that he doesn't have any magical powers. Regina's all, "Don't worry about Emma, she's the hero and heroes always win."

Hook leaves Emma another voice mail about Mr. Gold's evil plan to take her power and put it into the magic hat. He then confesses Mr. Gold has the real dagger and that he didn't say anything before because of that nasty blackmail thing with the video tape of him helping Mr. Gold kill the apprentice.

Emma refuses to stop changing the radio station while driving, melting the dashboard. She gets distracted and almost runs over the Snow Queen. Instead, she swerves and crashes her yellow bug and goes unconscious.



Anna hides the urn in her jail, ready to trick Ingrid when she arrives to punish her. Oops, all of a sudden Ingrid appears inside the jail with her and puts Anna in chains. She's wise to their little scheme. Ingrid casts a spell called 'shattered sight' on Anna making her see the worst in everyone she loves.

Emma wakes up with perfect hair and the Snow Queen appears in the form of a hologram, warning her Mr. Gold shouldn't be trusted.

When Regina finds out no one is trying to stop Emma from losing her magic she goes into parenting mode. They talk about being ordinary and normal and how magic comes at a price and never dies...or something like that.

Regina and Mary Margaret walk in the dark forest looking for Emma while talking about good and evil and how the book decides all things. Blah...blah...magic comes at a price. Ordinary sucks. Go magic.

Will and Robin are at the library. Without being seen, someone has slipped a piece a paper inside Robin's pocket! He quickly calls Regina.

Thank goodness for magic cell phone reception in the deepest parts of the forest!

Emma meets Mr. Gold in the abandoned mansion. He creates a magic vortex with the hat, but he tells Emma it's just a spell to take away her magic. Emma has second thoughts. Mr. Gold tells her he wouldn't go to the room because he's a man who always chooses power. Then he pulls a little reverse psychology by saying she always does the right thing.

Hook arrives and battles outside with Mr. Gold.

Elsa follows the red scarf to the abandoned mansion, seeing neither Hook nor Mr. Gold.

Anna arrives under the spell of shattered sight and lays into Elsa about how she ignored her all those years. Elsa refuses to use her powers on her sister, even as Anna opens the urn and traps Elsa inside.

Anna comes to her senses and Ingrid freezes the whole palace. She takes the urn and leaves speedy quick.

Elsa tells Emma she can control her magic, but being supporting by the people you love isn't enough, she has to accept and embrace her own powers. Then Elsa says, "It's time to stop being afraid."


Emma's sparks touch Elsa's icicle fingers and....the lights stop flickering.

Whoa! That's some amazing magic show.

Mr. Gold looks shocked when the house doesn't explode. But then he lets us know about the secret ingredient to cast the spell that will cleave him from the power of the dagger—he needs the heart of someone who knew him before he was the dark one...and the only one alive is Hook. He takes the heart easily without disturbing Hook's shirt or chest hair, but now Hook is controlled by Mr. Gold.

Regina meets up with Robin in the library. He shows her the piece of paper he found—it's a picture of them meeting inside the pub, instead of her running away which she did the first time. They figure this means Regina deserves happiness or something...

Back in Arendale, Ingrid retrieves the magic hat from the cave. She calls Rumplestiltskin to make a deal, but the apprentice arrives. He convinces her the wizard will reunite her with Elsa and has found a third sister that will be a perfect match. She hands over the hat, he gives her a scroll to help her find the third sister and opens a door to another world...1992 to be exact.

Everyone is happy Emma still has her powers and even better, she's in control and can make northern lights and fireworks and stuff.

Oh-uh. A yellow ribbon suddenly appears on Emma and Elsa's wrists, harnessing their power.


Mr. Gold visits the Snow Queen, she's ecstatic that Elsa is the one who saved Emma. And now that all three have embraced their powers, the Snow Queen is more powerful.

Okay, people. Who is your pick for this episode's MVP? Click your choice on the pole station to the right.

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