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Once Upon A Time Season 4, Episode 8 "Fall"

Or better title "Just Use Magic"

Ingrid has cast the shattered sight spell, now all she has to do is hang out in the forest until sundown and wait for the people of Storybrooke 'tear themselves apart until everyone is dead.'


Since Mr. Gold is the dark one and basically immune to this spell, he wants to her to spare Belle and Henry. In return, he promises to never try and hurt her. She agrees.

In a pathetic attempt to leave Storybrooke, David tries to scale the frozen wall but causes an icicle avalanche. However, a crack in the ice reveals Anna's necklace.

Emma and Elsa reason since they are wearing the ribbon bracelets they are immune to the shattered sight curse.

Belle is doing research on the spell. Elsa arrives with Anna's necklace. Belle proclaims that mirror dust is embedded in the necklace and this allows them to figure out in three seconds that Anna must have been under the shattered sight spell when she put Elsa in the urn thirty years ago.

Get all that?

Plus, Belle also figures out that if they find Anna, maybe they can make an antidote with her blood or DNA or something. Elsa is like, Whatever, I have her necklace lets do the locator spell.

Back in Arendale, Anna and Kristoff thaw from Ingrid's spell. Anna looks for the urn, but finds gold straw instead. Again...the characters rationalize like time bandits and Anna deducts that Rumpelstiltskin and NOT Ingrid has the urn.

Hans and his brothers have also thawed and claim to be the rightful rulers of the kingdom.

Why? How does that make any sense?

A sword fight ensues, but Anna and Kristoff manage to get away.

Hook and Mr. Gold discover the ice surrounds the harbour as well so there's no escaping by water. Also, apparently the fairies have taken over Granny's pub/diner/Laundromat as a magical laboratory to combat the shattered sight spell just in case Anna shows up with her DNA.

Elsa pours the locator spell on the snowflake necklace. It starts to glow and it leads them to the library. They somehow end up in the mines, but there's a blocked passage. Anna insists they blast through, but Emma doesn't like that idea because...?

I have no idea why because they'll end up using magic anyway.

Back in Arendale, Anna tells Kristoff she read in her mother's diary about a magical object called 'the wishing star'. The next step isn't to go see Rumpelstiltskin but to check out a pirate named Black Beard because that's who has the wishing star. And that's how they're going to find Elsa—sorry, I thought they figured out Rumpelstiltskin had the urn—And she'll help them save Arendale from Hans and his brothers.

They find Black Beard who happens to be sailing the Jolly Roger. Anna makes a deal, but it's soon apparent they've walked into a trap. Hans and his brothers have already found the pirate.

Grumpy meets with Elsa and Emma, he figures he and the dwarfs can pick axe their way through the blocked tunnel in a few hours. Regina says they have NO time. The spell will be cast at sunset.

David arrives and tells them that Belle just called from Granny's pub/diner/Laundromat/laboratory and the fairies can use the mirror dust from the necklace to make a counter potion, but it will destroy the locator spell.

Everyone thinks this is a huge conflict. Save Anna or save the town.

Um...if you use the necklace to save the town you can find Anna another way, right? I mean the dwarfs can still get through the wall.

Anyway, Emma breaks it to Elsa that they've all decided the necklace will be used to save the town. Elsa hands over the pouch containing the necklace and tearfully sneaks away.

Hey! Why is she sneaking away?

Mr. Gold arrives at Granny's meth lab. All the fairies (dressed as Nuns by the way) are working with smoking beakers. The blue fairy is there—didn't she die in Season two?—Emma and the others arrive, but they soon discover Elsa has given them a bag of pebbles.

Emma catches up with Elsa back at the blocked passageway. Elsa uses her magic (told ya!) and it opens to the beach. But Elsa won't give up, the snowflake pendant is still glowing. There's still hope!

Meanwhile on the Jolly Roger, Anna and Kristoff are tied up and placed in a trunk. Before he closes the lid, Black Beard takes the time to confess that he met Anna's parents and that only the snowflake pendant can be used by someone true of heart.

Hans is in charge of like EVERYTHING, I guess. And it's on his orders that Anna and Kristoff get thrown overboard. He also lets them know the freezing spell had lasted thirty years.

Thirty years! I thought these were flashbacks!

Elsa wanders the beach and nearly loses faith when the pendant stops glowing. Even as she monologues about the snowflake pendant. The creepy spell cloud slowly encroaches on the town.

Anna and Kristoff land beside the sunken ship of Anna's parents. They spend their last few breaths, holding hands and telling each other how much they're in love.

Glug. Glug. Glug...

Elsa holds the pendant close to her heart, talking about faith. She wishes that Anna could be with her.


The pendant WAS the wishing star. 

The trunk washes up on shore in front of Elsa and Emma. A barnacle covered bottle from the parent's shipwreck also comes ashore.

Yay! Reunion.

After Mr. Gold slips Belle away from the fairies, Hook arrives with the magic sucking hat and is forced to take away all the fairies...and their super fairy power. Even the resurrected Blue Fairy gets the vacuum treatment.

With the fairies disappearance and all hope (and faith) gone, loved ones are locking themselves up to prevent any dismemberment.

Mr. Gold tells Hook he's going to wait until tomorrow before he leaves with Henry and Belle.

Why not now?

Mary Margaret and David tearfully hand over baby Neil, while they get locked in separate cells. They hold hands through the bars.

Regina keeps Henry safely in her house with a protection spell, then she locks herself in her vault of hearts.

Everyone chains themselves down. The cloud approaches. The Snow Queen is positively radiant. The spell falls over everyone. Mary Margaret and David look at each other, then drop their hands.

Question of the Episode:

Even if Hook is under the control of Mr. Gold, since he has the most powerful magic hat ever, can he use it against Mr. Gold...or even the Snow Queen? Let me know what you think.

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