Monday, 21 September 2015

Don't Ever Give Up

GIRL ON THE RUN is out in the real world, y'all!

"Quick paced with lots of twists and turns, readers will love 'GIRL on the RUN.'
    ~ CM Magazine. Four star review, highly recommended.

I am more than thrilled to FINALLY share Jesse's story. I first wrote this book five years ago. The manuscript went through two agents and almost a total of two years of being on submission. I was so completely disheartened by all the rejections, I almost gave up on writing.

Then I discovered Wattpad. I posted a novella with cross over characters to boost interest in Jesse's story. That story (BUTTERFLIES DON'T LIE) quickly gathered its own audience of over two million reads, demanding to buy the book. I decided to send my novella out on my own. Soon afterward, my agent and I amicably parted ways.

Nimbus Publishing, the largest publisher on the East Coast, picked it out of the slush pile and BUTTERFLIES DON'T LIE was sold. A week later, GIRL ON THE RUN was bought by them as well.

So, lesson learned. Don't ever give up.

But I'm so grateful for the previous rejections because Jesse ended up with the right publisher. I couldn't be more pleased with Nimbus and the awesome editorial magic of Penelope Jackson and Whitney Moran.

And now you can WIN your very own copy of GIRL ON THE RUN, plus the book that started it all, BUTTERFLIES DON'T LIE!
Check out the blitz that's happening this week for your chance to enter!

Here's some eye candy on the Pinterest Board to further tempt you.
And you can add it on Goodreads too, you lucky doll!

Can't wait? No problem...

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