Saturday, 27 February 2016

15 Inventions That Prove It's A Great Time To Be Alive

1. 'Hoverboard' Skooter

Marty McFly was on to something, people...

A pair of electric gyroscopes (one under each pad) to balance automatically, allow the rider to speed forward, backward and around by slightly shifting their body weight. The result is all kinds of fun, ranging from hallway races to motorized dance routines. And while this doesn't actually hover *darn* the smooth effortless ride is addictive and maybe the future of city travel.

2. Colour In Wallpaper

Holy macaroni! Hours of free therapy await you and your kids. Get it here.

3. Underground Park in New York

The Lowline, an abandoned subway terminal beneath New York City, has been given a new life. Architects and engineers have developed a sophisticated sunlight delivery system by using a remote skylight dish that captures sunlight from surrounding rooftops and funnels it underground via fiber-optic cable; once there, it’s beamed out via reflective dome, enabling plants to grow. Awaiting further approval and finances, the park at its completion would be an acre of greenery in an otherwise forgotten landscape. 

4. Doppler Earbuds
Unlike conventional hearing aids that amplify all noise, users of the Doppler Earbuds, with a smartphone app, can customize which sounds get filtered or amplified. This means you can easily carry on a conversation in a loud bar or drown out the sound of a crying baby on an air plane.

5. Microsoft Hololens
Virtual reality headsets allow you to experience a swim with dolphins or ride a roller coaster, however, the Hololens takes this a step further and gives you the experience to overlap the fantasy within your own environment. So instead of fighting zombies in a post apocalyptic setting, you can battle in your own home or take it outside for a dragon race in your neighborhood!

6. Jet Puffed Stackable Marshmallows

For perfect smores in minutes!

7. Donut Ice Cream Cones
A Prague café called Good Food Coffee and Bakery is gaining worldwide attention for its trdelniks: cinnamon-flavored, deep-fried dough spirals that make sumptuous vessels for ice cream, apples, whipped cream, berries and Nutella. It's only a matter of time before our own version of trdelníks hit North Amercia. These 'pastries with a purpose' may be the best thing on this list. The future is bright, my friends. Lick it up.

8. A Frying Pan that Teaches You How to Cook

Pantelligent frying pan...never burn supper again!

Just type in the recipe to your smart phone. The electronics in the pan talk to the app, the app monitors the temperature. It tells you when to flip, add ingredients, when to stir and when to adjust the stove temperature. 

9. Pizza Vending Machine

No explanation necessary.

10. Parking Lot With Lights To Show Empty Spots

This is so brilliant, I can't even...

11. Skittles Vending Machine

Customize your own package of 'taste the rainbow'. Finally!

12. Backpack With A Hood

13. Rotating Benches

With a simple turn of the handle you'll always have a dry seat.

14. Personalized Flip Flops.

Get yours here.

Mine would say, Turn Back. Danger.

15. Zipped! Ear buds that will NEVER tangle.
What are some of your favourite inventions?

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