Friday, 4 March 2016

13 Book Nooks To Die For

The only thing better than settling down with a good book is a dreamy book nook to settle down into. And with a snow storm on the way, there's no better time to day dream about these mini escapes that you can create in your own home.
1. I love how this little nook is tucked away with its own curtain. The whole L.L. Bean vibe is charming too.

2. Sheep skin blankets, pillows, and a panoramic view get my vote for this book nook.


3. Call the constable! A body has been found in the rose garden. This squishy armchair by the cast iron wood stove, complete with a lap blanket and a bouquet of lilacs practically scream, 'hello, cozy mystery.'

4. Climb up the ladder to your own starry night getaway. Perfect for reading Peter Pan!

5. Who is the genius who designed this? It's like a two in one book nook. Level one for the more social, or the top floor for when you just want to hide away with your books.

6. Closet space is overrated. Toss out all those clothes you don't wear anymore and make yourself one of these.

7. Calling all nomads! Isn't this gorgeous? Gypsy caravan or a genie's lamp? I'm not sure which, but I know I like it.

8. Clever use of any awkward space. Wall sconces and pillows make this space inviting.

9. I love the U shaped seating. It's like book club for really, really close friends.


10. Just in case you live in the bottom of a well...

11. I love the green and the pocket lights.

12. A book nook make out of bookshelves. Fun and functional.

13. The steps behind the archway are so smart. Plus, there's a fireplace under the stairs.

Which is your favourite?


Connie Keller said...

I'm having some serious nook lust. Not sure I can pick a favorite, but I really like the one with the sheepskin rug and the wonderful view. Though the closet nook looks snugly. I can imagine myself there with a mug of hot chocolate.

BR Myers said...

Thanks, Connie! I want them all.

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