Friday, 8 July 2016

How Yoga Saved My Writing

I've been going to Halifax Yoga for almost three months and I'm completely in love with the classes. No matter how busy my day, I always make time for a trip to my mat.

But it's not only the physical benefits I enjoy (I can finally do The Crow Pose and it makes me feel like a superhero), it's the philosophy as well. During class the instructor will give encouragement to help you keep hold of a difficult pose by sharing certain yoga values. I believe I was trying not to fall out of Reverse Warrior when I heard this one...

Be present. This is your pose. Take what you need.

A lightbulb went off inside my heart (a true a-ha! moment). I relaxed, I focused, I let go of the fear, I reached higher...and then I fell to the floor. But that's okay because it meant I was going for what I needed. There was no sense of failure and when I did the pose on the other side, I totally nailed it.

The real epiphany though, happened on the walk home afterwards. I'd been wrestling with my writing career and felt like I was at a crossroads. Do I keep writing? Am I justified in giving so much of my free time to something that wasn't meeting my (or the publishing world's) expectations? There was a sense of panic I couldn't explain.

However, after that class, I felt a connection between the message to help me embrace the pose and how it crossed over into my everyday life. I'd forgotten how writing used to fulfill me. I was concerned with the opinions of strangers. Success seemed elusive. But once I was able to fully realize this truth and face the fear behind it, the worry and urgency slipped away.

I will write for enjoyment. I will take as long as I want to write the book of my heart. That will be my success. I will take what I need.
Since that class I've been cataloging some of my favourite a-ha! moments from yoga. I hope these little nuggets of inspiration help you with your writing—or whatever you are needing guidance with.

Your bliss is where your mind wanders, where your energy is focused. Follow that.

Trust that where you are is the right place for you at this moment.

You become what you judge.

If you're not getting back the energy you give, drop what isn't working and let it go.

Find that place of peace, that place of stillness inside you. It's always there.

It takes mindfulness to be still and in the moment.

Give gratitude for your abilities and rise to the possibilities.

All your energy should give back.

Force is fleeting. Power is courage. And courage is following your bliss when everyone else is doing something different.

Embrace challenges by knowing that even if you don't achieve your goal, you expand and are forever changed.

The light in me acknowledges and is grateful for the light in you.

Even in chaos there is opportunity to nurture and be grateful.

Know that seeds of future happiness have been planted for you already.

Imagine, wish, dream. Send out the vibration and you'll attract what you desire.

~Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this post please share! Namaste.

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Unknown said...

It's been quite some time since I've done any yoga practice, but I think you've convinced me to return to my mat. I'm glad it's helped you as much as it has.

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