Tuesday, 2 October 2018

I Am Currently...

Loving: The cooler weather at night. It was a long, hot summer my friends. Plus, there's pumpkin spice in everything these days. 

Reading: Cindy Anstey's Carols and Chaos. I met Cindy a few years ago at Woozles' New Book Bash. We didn't really smash each other with our books, it's a party for local authors who released that year. 

I was celebrating Asp of Ascension and Cindy was introducing us to Love, Lies and Spies

Fun Fact: I first heard about Swoon Reads from her that night. Now Cindy has a fifth book coming out from Swoon and I will have my own Swoon book published February 2020.

Watching: I'm a sucker for Scottish detective shows. I just finished the third season of Hinterland. Tip: make sure to have the caption on so you don't miss anything.  

Thinking about: What to make for supper. Seriously. Every single night. Why is meal planning so hard? Please send me your 'family favourite recipes.

Anticipating: Launching Medallion of Murder, the 3rd book in the Nefertari Hughes Mystery series. This one also has a surprise at the end, my publisher has included a sneak peek at book 4, Relic of Revenge. And at the end of that book is a sneak peek at book 5, Pearl of Possession.

Wishing: That I was talented enough to knit socks. Seriously, I love hand knit socks. 

photo credit pinterest

Making me happy: My dog, Oscar! Every dog is a therapy dog, I say. Plus, he's my writing buddy and always keep me and my laptop company.

How about you?

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