Monday, 28 January 2019

5 FREE Ways To Support Authors

1. Leave a review on Goodreads (or anywhere else).

It doesn't have to be long. You can even just say, "I loved it!"

2. Follow them on social media.

And for a bonus point say hi and let them know you really enjoyed their book. Never underestimate the power of casual encouragement. That author might receive your note on a day they decide to stop writing. 

3. Do a cool Instragram pic of the book!

Say how it gave you all the good feels. Don't forget your hashtags ;)

4. Tell a friend!

Yes, word of mouth is still a thing.

5. Ask your local library to order it in! 

This is awesome because it helps other people get access to the book as well. And did you know that authors get a small revenue when their books are in libraries? Yes, it's true. So order away, friends!

This is the public library in my home town of Halifax. 
Isn't it gorgeous!


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