Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Frank and Joe Hardy versus the Salvatore Brothers

When Vampire Diaries started a few seasons ago, I was HOOKED!

Who wouldn't love the tension in each scene as the teenage love triangle between a beautiful human girl and two vampire brothers developed? Of course it helped that they were super cute and really rich.

Then after season two, around the time Caroline seamlessly slipped into vampire mode, easily managing with eating squirrels instead of humans, I grew tired of the repetitive plot of Stefan/Damon fighting the paranormal world to save Elana.

I wondered why I liked those brothers to begin with and I started to make some comparisons to another pair of siblings I once had a MAJOR crush on...I won't say what year.

The top five reasons why Frank and Joe Hardy are better than Stefan and Damon Salvatore.

1. Frank and Joe keep up their studies in school and also hold down part time jobs.

Damon and Stefan Salvatore...? Um...nope, neither.

2. Frank and Joe not only use their smarts and logic to figure out who the real culprit is, but they're brave enough to take down any criminal if they try to escape. These mere mortals regularly put their life on the line to see justice served.

Damon and Stefan...not so much.

3. Frank and Joe attract chicks with their awesome hair and good manners.

Damon and Stefan fight over Elana and eventually turn her into a vampire.

4. Frank is a surfing champ in Hawaii and Joe sings in a band. Plus they have motorbikes in the back of their van, just in case they need to chase down a criminal.

Damon and Stefan are in competition to kill the most ghouls to earn the right to sleep with Elana.

5. Frank and Joe assist the police on a regular basis to put criminals behind bars and keep the public safe.

Damon and Stefan eat the public...and the criminals.


The Salvatore brothers NEVER had and NEVER WILL have a top forty hit on the charts.

Which brothers would you rather spend an evening with?


Arianna said...

Well, seeing that I'm a college student, I feel like my answer should be the vampires because apparently vampires are cool and I'm sure that they could lay me down the hardest (If you know what I mean), but I'd rather go with the Hardy Boys because, why not. They could help me study and I'm sure they're great cuddlers. Ha! Who am I kidding, neither duo would want to spend an evening with me. Have you met me?

I think I'll have to stick with chilling with my girl, Junie B. Jones.


BR Myers said...

Junie B Jones rules!

Marisa Reichardt said...

Ha. Exactly! I think I'm over the Vampire Diaries. I figured that out when I started fast-forwarding through the Damon/Stefan/Elena scenes in order to get to the way better scenes with Klaus. I'm about five episodes behind now and not sure I care to catch up....

Unknown said...

I adored Parker Stevenson when I was young. Yeah, I think I'd rather spend an evening with an updated version of the Hardy boys. The 'bad boy' thing never appealed to me.

They turned Elena into a vampire?? I also loved "Vamp Diaries" in the beginning, -- all those shocking plot twists -- but gave up when I got tired of the central romantic plot ... enough of the pining after Elena thing already. :P

Stacy Willows said...

Joe and Frank Hardy hands down, no questions asked.

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