Monday, 30 September 2013

NIGHT SHIFT Cover Contest


NIGHT SHIFT will be a featured story on wattpad starting October 4! You can read it for FREE here. The bursting excitement has me all giddy and bubbly headed. Yes, I just made up the phrase 'bubbly headed.'

Here's my conundrum though, I have ten awesome cover designs by wattpad readers, but I'm not sure which one to use. And this is where YOU enter stage right and cast your vote, thereby using your power to help one cover rise above the rest—one cover will rule them all.

Let me know which one would make you stop, reach out and snatch it off the shelf—or in this case, click the mouse and start to read.

If you need some inspiration check out the book trailer below or the Pinterest Board.

Now scroll down to experience all the lovely. I'm amazed at all the different images for the same story.











All right, now comes the big responsible part. Just leave your vote in the comment section. And thanks for playing.


Unknown said...

#6 is incredible. I vote for that one! :)

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

I like number 6. And number 9 but really number 6 the black and white is more mysterious and. I like your original one on your Origanal one on Wattpad, I Follow you on there. My user name is Misfitk. On wwattpad I have night shift on my readers live I don't know how to put them on my page yet I've never figured out how to do my reading list So that other people may find your books on my page and the other books also. My vote is either for the original cover on your wattpad. or #6. Good luck

Unknown said... the hottie in #6 or #9!!!

Taryn said...


1: a little too boring.
2: I wasn't sure where to look
3: boring
4: <3<3<3 unique font and manages to be creepy while being hot pink
5: too busy
6: LOVE the font but I am not a fan of big face
7: something just doesn't look right to me about this one
8: too busy. could barely read the title/name
9: like 6, love the font, dislike the face
10: boring


Unknown said...

I love #6. I love your stories, can't wait for each one of it to be published. :)

Heather Mihok said...

#4 or #6... leaning toward 6 ;-)

AMW said...

#4--I'm all over number 4!

Mere Joyce said...

#6 is my favourite!

Unknown said...

#4. Hot Pink and still scary. Love the font. Go #4!!!

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