Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Bachelor, Season 17, Episode 8, “I Got Your Back, Bro.”

Sean is all set to meet the last four contestant's families. He tells us, “I'm anxious to give AshLee's parents a chance to know me.”

Or they could watch the show.

AshLee's Dad asks for the low down on all the stuff the two of them have been up to.


I think he was just trying to make conversation, but AshLee took the opportunity to tell them EVERYTHING.

“We went polar dipping in freezing water. Then we went to St. Croix and rolled around in the sand,” she laughed. “And I told him that I loved him.”

Holy crap! Awkward alert!

AshLee's Mom takes Sean aside. “What are your intentions with my daughter? Are you going to break her heart?”

Come on, Mom. It's a contest.

She explains to Sean how fragile AshLee's heart is and the number of foster homes she was in before they adopted her when she was four.

AshLee's Dad is upfront and asks Sean if he even loves her. Sean glows red and gives a chuckle. “Well, I think she's fantastic and love is on the horizon.”

AshLee's Dad then gives a touching story of the first time he saw AshLee as her foster father.

Sean goes to Seattle to meet Catherine's family. He talks about how much fun they always have together. There's lots of giggling as they go through the farmers market.

Someone should tell them that when cameras aren't following you around, things aren't so fun.

Sean says, “I feel like she sees both sides of me.”

You mean the contestant side when you were on The Bachelorette, and now the prize side since you're well...the prize.

Catherine's sisters take her aside and try to inject some sensibility. They ask her, “What the heck are you doing?! Are you ready to marry this guy?”

She tells them, “If he proposes in the end of this, then yeah, sure I'll give this a try.”

The sister's talk with Sean and let him know that he's clueless, Catherine's clueless, and together they're just goofy.

Catherine's Mom takes him in the kitchen, and he asks for her blessing. She smiles then tells him, “Let's just see where you are after you meet the other girl's families.”

Ten points for Catherine's family.

Sean's next stop is to meet Lindsay and her family.

Psst...Lindsay's Dad is a General in the army.

She says, “I can't wait to meet Sean in the real world.”

Yup. This has REAL written all over it.

He says, “Every time I sit down with Lindsay I get a better appreciation of what kind of woman she is.”

By 'sit down' means 'make out.'

Lindsay's Mom is all giggles, but the General looks like he's having his prostate checked.

Sean asks the General if he can have his blessing—you know if he chooses Lindsay in the end—the General gives a spiel about the army, and then finally gives his blessing. Then the family gives Sean honorary dog tags.

Wow! I had no idea they were that anxious to get rid of Lindsay.

Desiree is up next. She takes him on a hike in the Los Angeles mountains.

She tells us, “If we end up together, this is what regular life will be like for us.”

Hiking with a camera crew is pretty regular.

She takes him to her place where they make supper for her parents. There's a knock on the door and a guy comes in confessing his love for Desiree.

OMG! A jealous ex-boyfriend? I'm betting it's a joke to get back at Sean for the stupid gallery prank thing he did.

Yes, thank you. Total set up.

Ten points for me.

Desiree's family comes in and both the parents are ready to marry Sean themselves. Big brother Nate though, is very protective.

He tells her, “This is stupid. I know you're ready, but I just don't want it to be for the wrong dude.”

Twenty points for Nate.

Nate quietly confronts Sean. He sees that Desiree is totally into Sean, but the feeling isn't mutual. Sean gives his favorite line, “I'm crazy about (insert name).”

Nate stares him down and says, “If you love my sister, does that mean you're ready to pick her?”

Sean turns red, “Well no, I haven't chosen yet. My heart hasn't decided.”

Nate comes back with, “I think you're just a playboy having fun with one girl, then going on to the next.”

Wow, it's like he's been watching the show.

Sean is incensed! He tells the camera, “I can't believe he called me a playboy. That's not me at all.”

That's right. You're a gigolo for ABC.

Seriously, though. There's nothing playboy about this...

                                              Or This...

                                               Or this...

It's time for the rose ceremony. Sean sits with the Host for a little chit chat.

Sean confesses, “I'm confused.”

Truly, I understand. How can he hook up with Desiree with her brother constantly throwing the truth in his face?

Sean is about to give out the first rose and Desiree asks to speak with him outside. She cries while trying to apologize for her brother.

Excuse me! He's your brother! He's supposed to protect you. Now you look pathetic.

My nerves! Anyway Sean gives the first rose to AshLee. Lindsay is called next, and her family cheers in the background.
And the last rose goes to...no one. Sean leaves the room and I hit the fast forward button. We get the voice over that he was going to send Desiree home, but now he's having second thoughts.

And the last rose goes to...Catherine.

I'm predicting Desiree is going to pound the crap out of her brother—but in the end, once she sees all the footage, she will understand that she owes him.

Desiree tells him he's making a huge mistake.

Sean gives her these comforting words, “Each time I pray for clarity, but today it didn't come.”

Sean can't even fall back on his 'I'm crazy about you,' line. Right before he puts her in the weepy limo he says, “I'm going to miss you so much.”

“Then don't let me go,” she cries in his arms.

Oh for God's sake, get in the car and get on with your life.

And what does Sarah think about all this?

What do you think of all this? Should he have given the rose to Desiree?




Tonja Drecker said...

I don't get this show over here, but I'm betting I'd like your version better. Can't wait for next week ;)

Daisy Carter said...

I almost broke down and watched this the other night. Then I thought, no way, I'd much rather read Bethany's abridgment.

Rebecca Green Gasper said...

:) Like always- I love your comments. And why I keep watching the show is beyond me. 'til next week...:)

BR Myers said...

Thanks, ladies. We're almost near the end, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks again for the comments.

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