Thursday, 21 August 2014

Sophia Veragara And I Talk About Being Sexy

This was a list complied by Sophia (*cough* marketing team *cough*) for a make-up manufacturer trying to sell its new brand of mascara. Besides buying the mascara, here are Sophia's other rules about being sexy.

Sophia: #1. Wear heels! Flats are for the unflirtatious.

Me: Cleopatra wore flats, so there.

Sophia: #2. Mess up your hair just a little. It's sexier that way.

Me: Awesome! Think of the time I'll save in the morning by not brushing my hair.

Sophia: #3. Sexy is a state of mind. Believe you're sexy, and you are.

Me: What if I'm believing that I'm sexy, but I'm wearing flats and I've brushed my hair.

Sophia: #4. If you've got it, flaunt it! Have nice legs? Wear short skirts.

Me: I've got asthma.

Sophia: #5. Be silly, not serious. It's sexier.

Me: This is the fourth time 'sexy' is used in this list. Oh, sorry! *shoves seriousness to the side and giggles instead* 

Sophia: #6. A push-up bra never hurts.

Me: If the underwire pokes out the end and digs into your flesh, then yeah, it does hurt.

Sophia: #7. Talk with a husky voice and keep it just above a whisper.

Me: How can I be silly with a husky voice that's just above a whisper? Everyone will think I have a cold or that I'm doing a bad Christopher Waken impersonation.


Which rule is your favorite? Mine, not Sophia's...

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Leandra Wallace said...

Flats for the win! I love flats. I feel ridiculous in high heels. Probably because I have more of a bum than what I did as a teen, and heels just make me feel like my but is HUGE. (and not in a good way) And flats come in so many cute colors and designs, and sometimes they're SPARKLY! =)

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