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Once Upon A Time Season 4, Episde 2 "White Out"

Or better title "Creepy Bo Peepy"

Elsa vows that until she and Anna are together, no one will leave Storybrooke.

Um...that's kind of already been established, right?

Anna travels through the enchanted forest and ends up at the cabin of ... David (with long hair, Jesus style). Apparently before David became the fake prince he was a friend of Kristoff's. Anna tries to keep her 'mission of magic' a secret, and she tells him her name is Joan.

Mary Margaret puts little baby Neal down for a nap. David and Emma talk with Henry about his mom dealing with her boyfriend's wife coming back from the past.

Typical family chit chat, no?

A crow arrives with a message for Henry. Regina is too sad to see him. She needs her space.

Space from her kid? That's suspicious.

Henry drowns his sorrows at Granny's pub/diner/laundromat. There's a sudden ice storm and the power goes out. David calls Emma two seconds later saying he's getting calls from all over's a town wide black out.

That was fast. It just happened.

Emma and David discover a wall of ice surrounds Storybrooke. Hook shows up and tries to convince Emma how they can turn this midnight event into a date. Seeing a scared girl on the other side of the ice, Emma travels inside the snow structure. She finds Elsa who tells her she's looking for her lost sister.

Grumpy, Granny and another dwarf I can't remember, call on Mary Margaret and declare that she should be the new Mayor of Storybrooke since Regina is holed up in her mansion, broken hearted.

Bo Peep arrives at David's cottage and asks for payment. Apparently Bo Peep is an extortionist and her tall staff is a powerful weapon. She uses it to "brand" David and his mother to work off their debt. Anna tries to convince David to fight back, but he tells her he's just a shepherd. She offers to teach him how to sword fight.

When David and Hook barge into Elsa's ice castle she gets mad and causes and avalanche trapping her and Emma inside. Hook hacks away with his...well hook. But it's pointless. David says. "I think we need magic to fight this."

No kidding. Just like every other episode.

Shepherd David is proving to be a quick study at sword fighting, but he knows he'll never beat Bo Peep. Anna tells David not to give up and that surviving isn't living. He talks about loss and she calls him a coward.

David says, "One morning when I was six I woke up and heard my mother and father going at it."


They were fighting about David's father's drinking problem. But he suddenly resolved to quit drinking and be a proper husband and father. He left on a trip, but never returned. They found his cart at the bottom of a ravine.

I don't know what that was all about. Anyway, Anna tells him again to not be a loser like his dad.

Elsa says she'll keep Emma prisoner in her ice castle until Anna is found. Emma relays the news to David and Hook listening on her walkie talkie.

Mary Margaret is taken to the electrical grid by Grumpy and Granny. She flips out when she can't figure out how to decipher the grid. She tells them to buy flashlights.

Go Mayor, Mary Margaret.

Emma starts to freeze. Elsa confesses that she doesn't have the best control over her powers and the ice sculpture is permanent until Anna can be found. Since Emma has magic...sort of...she tries to melt the ice, but she's too cold...and that would be too easy.

Elsa and Emma bond over their troubled upbringing. Elsa applogizes for putting Emma's life at risk.

Hook and David arrived at Mr. Gold's shop. They have a picture of the necklace that was taken. David does his signature blank face and declares that he recognizes the snowflake pendant. "I know who Anna is."

When David the shepherd goes to convince Anna they can't beat the evil Bo Peep, she is nowhere to be found. Bo Peep is in her place saying that Anna is now her branded slave. AND she's wearing the snowflake pendant.

David arrives at the local butcher's shop, run by Bo Peep. Hook grabs her crook and they book it out of there.

Long haired David arrives at Bo Peep's place. He challenges the guard's and Bo Peep. He wins the sword fight and he takes back the snowflake pendant. After, he finds Anna and they have a heart to heart about being trapped in lives they don't want.


Hook and David take turns encouraging Elsa through the walkie talkie as Emma keeps turning blue. David tells Elsa that he knew Anna a long time ago and that she wouldn't want Elsa to live alone in a palace of ice. Elsa creates a warm wind—a chinook if you want to be fancy about it— and she melts the walls enough for her and Emma to escape.

Mary Margaret studies the manual while baby Neal cries for his supper. She realizes the power plant needs it's supper too and she turns on the fuel supply, thereby securing her place as Mommy Mayor.

David's mother, Ruth gives Anna a few sandwiches for the next leg of her journey. She asks if there's someone in this land that knows about powerful magic. Ruth looks scared. She speaks of a wizard who is to be feared, but he can certainly help her—Rumpelstiltskin.

Hook, Emma and Elsa convene at the Charming household. David vows to help find Anna. "This family finds people because we don't like to give up."

Also, yours is a family that keeps falling into parallel universes. 

Henry goes to see his heartbroken mom. He tells her through the letter slot that he's not giving up on her. She opens the door, they hug.

Hey, they're almost the same height.

Emma and Elsa return to her wall of ice, but Elsa can't melt it. "That's weird, I'm the only one with this power. So why is this still standing?"


The next morning Grumpy goes into an ice cream parlour and the blond woman behind the counter serves him a cone. She says she didn't have any trouble when the power went out.

Why? Because she has the freezing power too. And who is she? Another actor from LOST.

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