Wednesday, 14 October 2015

What Is Cody Thinking?

Ah, the complex mysteries of Cody's brain. In between naps, what does my ten year old cocker spaniel think about?

1. Wait. Is that the sound of the fridge being opened?
2. Mum’s looking at me. Time to get busy.
3. Wait. Is that the sound of a spoon mixing something in the kitchen?
4. What’s the girl doing? Does she have food?
5. I hear Master’s car keys.
6. What’s for breakfast?
7. I wish the boy would come and scratch my belly. 
8. That mailman had BETTER get out of the yard.
9. I need to stand guard at the door in case that old lady person walks by again.
10. I want to lie down and take a nap.
11. I want the boy to lie down and take a nap so I can lie down and take a nap with him.
12. Wait. Is that the old lady person?
13. I’m hungry.
14. I want the girl to feed me carrots. I should give her 'the sad face look'.
15. Where's the squeak toy? I miss the squeak toy.
16. I'm busy sniffing everything.
17. Don’t bother me; I’ve got lots of important napping to do.
18. What’s for lunch?
19. Wait. Mum's in the kitchen again.
20. I wish Mum would drop some food.
21. The boy is watching me; I have to look cute.
22. I totally run this house.
23. I hear Master's car; I must run to greet him.
24. I’m fierce and awesome.
25. What’s for snack?
26. Wait. Is that the fridge?
27. Yawn.
28. Was that a crow?
29. There's the little dog from up the street. I have to look like I care.
30. Oh! Sliced apples.
31. Mum.
32. Nap.
33. Time to scratch my ear.
34. I’m in charge.
35. What’s for dinner?

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