Monday, 9 April 2012

Once Upon A Time, The Writer Is Actually None Other Than...

Since there was no episode of Once Upon A Time this week, I had extra time to mull over Mr. August Wayne Booth. As 'the writer' he's the only character, other than Emma and Henry, who's a CFA (come from away). Everyone else is from fairytale land.

He always tells the truth and always wears that frickin' red bandana

So who is this guy, and what is his connection with Emma, Henry and Storybrooke?

Since ABC took the time to give him a middle name, I'm assuming it's important. I played around with the letters and came up with the following anagrams
Gateway to hobu. This makes no sense, unless HoBu is a new hip district in Manhattan.

A one way ubo ghost. Brilliant, if there was such a thing as an 'ubo ghost'.

A beauty sought won. Okay, it's a little clumsy but I can work with this.

Don't forget Belle is stuck in the basement of the hospital. Once someone *cough* Mr. Gold *cough* finds her, voila the spell will be broken. The Evil Queen will be defeated, and maybe *fingers crossed* Schmexy will emerge from the woods clad in his leather hunting outfit. You have to admit, he was pretty hot that last episode.

Sorry, back to August. Since the anagram is a far reach, I decided to next concentrate on his personality. He talks a lot about faith, and says he always tells the truth. And that as a writer, he's open to all kinds of possibilities. Some people wonder if he might be Pinocchio. It's possible. Geppetto built the magic tree/door. He could have sneaked him through with the book under his arm.

The writer (maybe) note the red necktie.
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I have two theories.
I believe August is the person who wrote the book in the first place. Not only that, but everything he writes ends up happening. While he cleaned up the book, I think he added a few extra chapters.

The next theory is a bit of a stretch. I wonder if August is Henry all grown up and visiting *cue the synthesizer* from the future!

Why not? These are the people who created Lost! A visit from the future is perfectly reasonable. Perhaps he's come back to help his Mom (Emma) fix what she messed up the first time, or something like that. Ouch. Time travel talk gives me a headache.

And what about Catherine? I'm guessing Emma will uncover that the Mayor botched the DNA results to hasten the murder charges against Mary Margaret. I'd hate that. There should be a better reason. And...somehow Schmexy should come back too.

So, who do you think August really is?

And whose heart was in the box that Ruby found?


Sarah Tokeley said...

I definitely believe he wrote the book, and I'm leaning towards him being Pinocchio. I didn't read it myself, but I saw someone say on a forum that the writers had definitely stated he wasn't a grown up Henry, but who knows?

BR Myers said...

Hmmm...who knows indeed. Thanks, Sarah.

Kimberlee Turley said...

It would be gross if he was Henry since he's hit on Emma and knows he's his mother.

I'd call him Mother Goose, but I don't think there have been any characters who have switched gender roles. What about Brother's Grimm? Maybe he's got a super hot twin?

The Nutcracker is sort of a ballet rather than a fairytale, but I'd be tempted to label him Drosslemeyer.

BR Myers said...

Did he really hit on her though? He took her to a well and talked about truth and how she lacks faith...but yeah, I see what you mean. It's a far reach anyway.

Thanks, Kimberlee.

Unknown said...

Oh, Ima so far behind on my recordings of Once Upon A Time, don't worry nothing was spoiled for me. It is very nice meeting you. I wanted you to know the man that plays SLEEPY on Once Upon A Time is on twitter @faustinodibauda ~ he is from Port Moody, British Columbia. If things haven't changed he is also scheduled to be seen in season 2 of The Killing. I just recently watched this entire television series Season 1 via NetFlix. Hugzz, hope you are having a fabulous day. I'm @grammakaye on twitter.

BR Myers said...

Thanks, Kaye. Nice to meet you too. Enjoy the show!

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