Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Bachelorette Season 8, Episode 10 "What The Guys Really Think Of Emily"

This episode was contrived by ABC to get two more hours of our life. They paraded on stage the past rejects un-rose worthy gents, to get their side of the story, and a chance to confront reconnect with Emily.

It was full of already seen footage coupled with the guys cat fighting each other. Also, there was a live audience of woman, who snickered and rolled their eyes with such perfect choreography it was as if someone with cue cards was holding huge signs that read, “GRUMBLE” “CHEER” “APPLAUD” “BOO”.

It wasn't entertaining. If you want something entertaining, check out Emily's cover of CALL ME MAYBE. It's hilarious and should be shared with your friends on twitter and facebook.
Unforgettable Moments aka Guys Being Awkward

In a taped interview, the Host asks Emily to recall the most memorable moments of the show. I can't help but think the Host is enjoying dissing the guys in front of her.  

Is it just me, or is the Host a little weird?

During the play date in the park, Ryan told Emily she couldn't gain weight after they got married. “I'd still love you, but I wouldn't love on you as much.”

Guess what, Ryan? You're not going to get any lovin'.

When Emily is breaking up with Doug, he leans in a gives her a kiss.

“Clearly, we're not on the same page.”

Which would be the last page, plus these two words, THE END.

The Host Interviews The Guys aka Bro Brawl

Chris said, “I was so crazy about this girl that I reacted over the top.”

Like making bobbleheads?

Red flag alert!
photo credit, realitymusings.blogspot.com

Kaylan said, “I guess my humor is wasted on a lot of people. Americans like things to be sugar coated.”

I believe Dr. Oz would agree with you.

Ryan said, “Everything I've done with sports has prepared me for this moment.”

I feel the same way about child birth, Ryan.
Chris said, “I'm looking forward to falling in love with that right girl.”

Interesting, because I've seen the preview for The Bachelor Pad, and Chris, there's no LOVE going on.

Sean said, “This was the first time my heart was broken. No one wants to feel inadequate in any way.”

Okay, tall, handsome, blond, blue-eyed, rich guy.

When Emily comes out, the guys stand and smile like goof balls, including the creepy Host.

All the fellas take turns telling Emily how falling in love with her has opened their eyes to how beautiful the world is...well, all of them except Kaylan.

Emily facing off with Kaylan, not exactly as shown
photo credit, starstills.com
He sort of appologizes, but Emily calls him out and says he's a liar. They exchange some remarks and the female audience let's Emily know, she's their Thunderdome hero. 

Apparently Emily has been checking up on Kaylan's twitter feed and he's been posting a few snaky jokes are her expense.

Dear Emily,

Do not follow ex-boyfriends on twitter or facebook. Seriously.


Your Aunt Bethany

The show ends with a  fifteen second blooper reel that was more entertaining than the past two hours. Two hours I'll never get back. *sigh*

The best part of this episode was The Dark Knight Rising trailer. The worst part was the constant promotion for ABC's new brain drain fest, The Bachelor Pad. Please, trust me, just look away. 

Check in next Sunday, when I'll be blogging the final episode...finally.

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