Thursday, 19 July 2012

A New Twist On Literary Crushes

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I have a secret crush.

For years I've swooned over pages of fictional guys, re-reading the 'best parts', seeing their crooked smiles and leather jackets so clear in my mind, as if they were real. I've been building my list for awhile, starting in high school with shy but brave, Ponyboy (The Outsiders), to my recent addition, that smooth talking yet troubled Adonis, Wesley Rush (The Duff).

Me reading, not exactly as shown.
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This is hardly ground breaking news and isn't much of a confession...unlike other posts. *blush*

However, my secret crush is of another vein of the literary infatuation—the author crush.

Maybe it's their writing style, or their witty on-line presence, or perhaps it's simply their sense of style, but each one exhibits qualities I aspire to and truly admire.

In no particular order,

Beth Revis. She has a cool website, wicked sense of humor, and actually thanked my on twitter once. *puts hand over heart and sniffs* 

Elana Johnson. She should receive an award. Her blog posts are inspirational for any writer, no matter what stage in their career. And she's a teacher, so that gives her twenty extra points.

Gennifer Albin. I've been following Gen since her amazing success story on Querytracker when she was looking for an agent. She's smart, savvy and is a real cutie patootie to boot.

Stephanie Perkins. Love. Love. Love her writing. That, plus her fluorescent hair, makes me want to adopt her as my uber-cool, younger sister. If you know her, send her this link, please.

Maureen Johnson. I shouldn't have to explain. Hands down, the best person to take a road trip with. Imagine the snacks and conversation!

How about you? Who are your author crushes?


Christine said...

Haha what a great post! I personally crushed on Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. I just found your blog and will definitely be following it from now on:) Thanks for sharing this!

G. B. Miller said...

No crushes, but I do like fantasy/horror writer Charles Gramlich and noir/western writer David Cranmer.

Their stuff simply kicks butt and I always enjoy reading whatever they write, be it a short story or a novel.

BR Myers said...

Thanks, Christine. I lurv Mr. Darcy as well. The scene with Colin Firth in a wet white shirt didn't hurt the infatuation either.


BR Myers said...

I will check out those authors, GB. Thanks for commenting.

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