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Once Upon A Time, Episode 2, Season 2 “We Are Both”

Or better title, “That Was Easy”

Peer pressure.
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Grumpy and the dwarfs decide to test the town limits by using the scientific method—they draw straws and Sneezy is the poor schmuck. After an impatient Grumpy pushes him over the line, he starts to quiver and emit bolts of lightening.

I'm guessing this isn't good since the music gets spooky.

Storybrooke is in chaos; the Dementor black demon from last episode has destroyed most of the town, and lost fairy tale characters are looking for loved Gheppetto!

In his small boarding room, a wooden August Wayne Booth suddenly opens his eyes.

This creeps me out like that Twilight Zone episode, Talky Tina, when the doll speaks on it's own.


David pays a visit to the Mayor demanding to know why she no longer has magic to help him get to fairytale land to find Emma and Mary Margaret. Shockingly, she has no real answer for him...or us.

Dear ABC,

Okay, whatever. I will forgive all of the plot inconsistencies as long as you bring the Sheriff back.

In fairytale land, Regina races through the forest on horseback, but Cora, her evil mother, (aka Barbara Hershey, aka Queen of Hearts), casts a binding spell, making sure she stays, and goes through with her upcoming marriage to the King, Show White's father.

The Blue Fairy without her cross.
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David needs magic to find Emma and Mary Margaret, and since the Mayor has no answers, he goes to the Blue Fairy—barely recognizable in her Nun attire.

I'm guessing the fairy costume will be the more popular pick this Halloween.

Dear ABC,

What about Nova who was all sweet over Grumpy? 

The Blue Fairy announces that without fairy dust there's nothing she can do to help David. Grumpy arrives with Sneezy who is adamant that he's the town pharmacist. Henry and David exchange worried looks. Apparently, once you cross the town border, your cursed identity becomes your permanent identity.

Regina spends some time with little Snow White, but her anger toward the child is so strong, she fears she's becoming as evil as her mother. When she confides to her father, Henry, he tells her Cora wasn't always a power hungry, evil spell caster. One day she met a man who gave her a book of spells...and she wasn't the same after that.

Ten points if you can guess his name. I'll give you a hint, it rhymes with Bumblestitskin.

The Mayor knows she needs magic to get Henry back. She visits Mr. Gold's shop demanding her mother's old magic book. He laughs and points to the door, but she hints she knows he has something big planned for Storybrooke. And it's this vague notion that's enough to force him to give her the book.

Really? That was easy.

Regina steals her mother's magic book and summons Rumpelstiltskin. He not surprised to see her and confides he's known her family for a long time.

David is feeling the pressure of being the town's leader—plus there's the small problem of his wife and daughter being sucked into a different dimension. Henry suggests he find Jefferson since he can work the hat that is the portal to fairytale land.

Geez, that Henry has all the answers. It's like the writers are telling him exactly what to say.

Instead of actually walking around town LOOKING for Jefferson, David visits Mr. Gold's shop so he can conjure a spell that will lead him to Jefferson.

*cough* lazy *cough*

In exchange for the potion, David promises to stay out of Mr. Gold's schemes.

Why would you promise him that?! What if his scheme is to keep Emma and Mary Margaret in fairytale land forever?

Mr. Gold gives David a tiny flask, and a cool smile, but when he learns memories are wiped clean once you cross the town limits, he's so happy, he smashes all the glass cabinets. NOT.

Rumpelstiltskin explains to Regina that she comes from a long line of powerful magic, but she's hesitant to believe him. In order to convince her, he congers an early wedding present—a mirror that is a portal to another world.

The Mayor opens the magic book; it has a heart on the front (obvious clue). She leans forward and breathes in it's magic.

That was easy

David uses the potion on Jefferson's hat and it leads him to an overturned car where he's been conveniently trapped while everyone else has been dealing with the whole magic-has-come-to-town-and-I'm-actually-a-fairytale-character thing.

The Mayor takes her newly minted magic self and busts up a meeting at the town hall. She starts throwing fireballs around, until Henry puts a stop to the crazy pyrotechnic show, saying he'll go back with her. While everyone watches, they leave together.

That was easy.

Jefferson tells David his magic hat is no longer magic and therefore useless. David gets all tough and threatens him with a knuckle sandwich, but Jefferson says they're both doomed to remember one life and forced to live another; then he laughs and runs away like the manic he is.

The Jeffster.
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Sheriff Swag
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Dear ABC,

Please give Jefferson more air time. Also, I would appreciate it if the Sheriff could now play Rumpelstiltskin.

Henry confronts the Mayor about her overbearing tendency to keep him prisoner. She tries to bribe him with magic, promising to teach him everything she making huge cupcakes appear out of thin air.

Sign me up!

Regina stands in her wedding gown, looking miserable as Cora lectures her on how to be the best dictator for the kingdom. Regina is disgusted with the unfathomable depths to her mother's evil and pushes her through the mirror, sending her to a different land.

Where? I'm guessing it's where the Queen of Hearts lives with Jefferson's severed head working on hats in her dungeon.

David prevents a parade of disgruntled characters lined up at the town limits, to stay in Storybrooke and to embrace both their identities. They nod and pledge to create a town where everyone is free to be two people...or something like that.

Regina gives Rumpelstiltskin back the book of magic. He entices her with all the amazing things she can do with spells. She agrees to let him tutor her as long as he promises she won't become like Cora.

That was easy.

David arrives at the Mayor's house with his sword ready to rescue Henry; don't forget he's embracing his real identity of a shepherd who is pretending to be a Prince. She breaks down and realizes she can't force him to love her, she tells Henry to go with David.

That was easy.

Dear ABC,

If the Mayor has her magic back and is trying to redeem herself, why doesn't she help David find a way back to fairytale land? I mean Henry would like that, right?

Meanwhile, all kinds of other stuff is happening:

The dwarfs buy some pick axes and decide to mine for fairy dust to help Sneezy get his memory back.

Mr. Gold stands at the town limit, while spooky music plays in the background.

The Mayor doesn't burn the heart covered magic book, but instead locks it up in case she decides to be evil again.

Ghepetto goes to August's boarding room, but the bed is empty.

A camp of renegade fairy tale characters!
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Mary Margaret and Emma are Mulan's prisoners. When they arrive at camp, the girls try to escape. As punishment, Mulan sends them to 'the pit'. Emma weeps over Mary Margaret's unconscious body. Out of the shadows another prisoner walks forward, a woman and it's....Cora.

Predictions for the next episode:

A new hot guy will be introduced only to be killed off or made to disappear for the next five episodes.

The Mayor will wear something black and cast a few spells.

Belle will get a job at Granny's diner/pub/laundromat, then she'll remember she's supposed to be changing Mr. Gold into a kind man, and rushes off to the pawn shop.

What do you think Cora will do once Mary Margaret wakes up and sees her Granny-in-law?

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Unknown said...

I wonder if Snow is going to remember Cora from when she was little. By the end of this episode I am wondering why they are treating Snow that way. You would think the people in the enchanted forest would know who she was. Sleeping Beauty was there, so why didn’t she know. I watched it last night after I got home from my shift at DISH, because one of my friends kept texting me telling me I needed to watch this episode. With the Hopper my primetime shows automatically record for me on PrimeTime Anytime, which comes in handy because I forgot that it was on last night. This episode was definitely good, and I loved that they explained how the queen became evil. I am glad she is trying to get her humanity back.

Connie Keller said...

Hmm. I haven't seen any episodes this season, and I'm beginning to wonder whether I should just skip it. Though if they're exploring some redemption themes, I won't be able to resist.

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