Friday, 17 May 2013

Forty-Two Ways To Celebrate

This is what 42 books look like. I'm going to need a really big backpack.

I love birthdays! Cake, ice cream, and pretty wrapping paper may have something to do with that. I especially love my own—I call it Bethmas Day.

I also love books. This year I decided to combine the two and celebrate in a big way to let EVERYONE enjoy Bethmas in the way it was reading.

Taking a cue from Rock the drop 2013, I'm going to do my own version around my beautiful city of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

On May 20th, I'll be leaving forty-two different books (slightly used but much loved and in excellent condition) in various locations around the city.

It might be Uncommon Grounds, it might be the Public Gardens, or it might even be the #1 bus. I will be tweeting clues throughout the day.

Inside each book there will be a greeting from me and a link to this post.

I look forward to hearing from all the 'finders'. And if you're not a fan of the story you happen across, do your own rock the drop and leave it for the next person.

Merry Bethmas!



Jane Lebak said...

So it's like literary littering? ;-)

Happy birthday!

Laila N Mysis said...

Bethmas Day x) Hahaha, I like. But I'm so the opposite when it comes to birthdays - I absolutely detest them. I'm like one of those middle-aged ladies stuck in their youth; I absolutely cannot stand getting any older -_-'

But I love your idea. I wish I lived in Nova Scotia right now. That's such an awesome idea ^_^ One day, perhaps, when I actually have enough books to give away, I'll try it :)

Happy Bethmas Day :P

Arianna said...

If only I didn't live in Texas...

Little Willow said...

Thank you so much for participating in Rock the Drop! Happy birthday!

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