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Once Upon A Time, Season 2, Episode 22, “And Straight On Til Morning”

Or better title, “Doesn't Matter”

We're aboard Captain Hook's ship while he broods over a sketch of Mila. Bill Smead is worried about the boy they plucked from the ocean, but Hook sees this as an opportunity. He questions Baelfire and it's soon apparent that he's the son of his dead girlfriend. Hook keeps this info a secret and instead offers Baelfire a spot on his ship.

As Henry enjoys the Storybrooke playground, Mr. Gold watches from behind, lurking like he always does. Mary Margaret and David arrive and tell him that Neil had been shot by Tamara and then slipped through another portal, and is now probably dead.

David then drops the bomb about Regina's trigger. Mr. Gold blames himself for Neil's demise and is quite happy to let Storybrooke explode all around him.

Never ask a grieving father to help end a diabolical plan.

Hook walks through the mining tunnels with Tamara and Greg. They take a pick axe and explain that according to their people, once they smash the diamond trigger, it will activate the self destruct sequence.

Regina gets up just as Henry, Mary Margaret, Emma, and David enter the apartment. The room suddenly shakes. Regina tells them the trigger has been activated. Everyone will die except for Henry, since he's the only one born in this world.

Hook arrives and says he's on their team now since Greg and Tamara are crazy pants. He's all about revenge, but he's more into living.

Emma comes up with the super fantastic plan for David and Hook to find some magic beans, while she helps Regina slow down the trigger.

How? Doesn't matter.

In the meantime Mary Margaret and Henry will round up all the magic folk to be ready to leave.


Hook tells Bill Smead he's not giving Baelfire over to 'the shadow thing.' The Lost Boys arrive like creepy vampire monks and decide to search the ship for Baelfire. Apparently the shadow doesn't like to lose boys that belong to him.


Hook retrieves Baelfire from his hiding place, but scoffs at the notion that he's a nice guy for keeping him away from the creep squad.

The dwarfs invade Mr. Gold's shop. Grumpy says Mother Superior (the blue fairy) came up with a spell that will return Sneezy's memories. Once she had a hair from Pinocchio, a creature who returned to his genuine self, the spell was complete.

Ouch. Headache.

Anyway, the dwarfs are there to get Sneezy's beer stein which happened to be in Mr. Gold's shop.

How? Doesn't matter.

Before he leaves, Grumpy gives an extra does of potion to Mr. Gold to use on racy Lacey. But he tucks it away, since the new version of Belle likes bad guys with even worse teeth.

Hook and Baelfire bond at the wheel and talk nautical stuff. Baelfire tells Hook about his dad being The Dark One and how he changed into a bad dude once he became magical.

David and Hook walk through the sardine cannery looking for some loose magic beans Tamara might have dropped. They surprise Greg, but Tamara is his back up and starts firing rounds. A fight/chase/struggle ensues. Greg and Tamara end up getting away with a bottle of beans, but Hook manages to get one.

How? Doesn't matter.

Regina and Emma go into the mine.

How did they know where the trigger was? Doesn't matter.


Regina tells Emma that in order to contain the curse she will have to absorb all the magic. She WILL die. She asks Emma to tell Henry that in the end she became the person he wanted her to be. She ignores Emma's pleas and starts the magic absorbing act.

Slowly, Storybrooke is taken over by the forest. Mr. Gold and Lacey share a drink while the town screams from the streets. He realizes he wants Belle back before they both die. He pours the potion in her chipped cup and she takes a swig. Instantly Belle has the memories of Sneezy.

Just kidding, it's Belle. And they immediately start to make out.

Damn you, ABC. *Shakes fist at TV*

The both hug each other and grieve for Neil.

David and Hook arrive at Granny's pub/diner/laundromat and announce they have a bean. It's all a go until Emma tells Henry about Regina's plan to suck up all the bad magic. Henry comes up with the idea to toss the trigger into the vortex.

Emma worries this won't work and Henry will be left alone in a forest in the middle of nowhere. Mary Margaret works her Joan Crawford eyebrows and tells Emma they have to try and save Regina.

Emma finally agrees, then Hook grabs the bean. He says Regina owes them her life. Emma gets all in his face slobbering about how Henry lost his dad today and how dare Hook look so sexy when everyone is about to die.

Hook gives her a funny glance and asks who Henry's father was. She tells him it was Neil, aka Baelfire.

Back on the pirate ship, Bill Smead challenges Hook to give up Baelfire or the shadow will destroy them all. Baelfire comes above deck with a knife and his mother's portrait from Hook's desk. Hook confesses that Mila was his true love and that Rumpelstiltskin ripped out her heart and crushed it.

Baelfire blames Hook for destroying his family.

Regina is surprised when the group shows up ready with the bean-portal-trigger-plan. When Emma opens up the pouch it's empty. Hook sails away on his ship, magic bean in hand.

Hook tries to convince Baelfire not to jump ship, but he's not buying into the pirate life. The Lost Boys arrive and take Baelfire without a fight.

The forest takes over Storybrooke. Regina tells Emma, David, Mary Margaret, and Henry that the end is near. Everyone group hugs and Emma comes up with another great idea. Since she's magical when it's convenient, she puts her hands on the trigger as well.

How? Doesn't matter.

After a few minutes, both women are pushed to the ground and the diamond goes black again.

The forest retreats and everyone is alive. Again they group hug. Once the love fest is over they realize Henry is missing. Emma runs through the tunnels and finds Tamara's bag.

Tamara and Greg have Henry and are rushing out of town. It seems the really didn't want the magic of Storybrooke, they wanted Henry.

Emma and the gang chase them down to the waterfront. Tamara throws a bean into the harbour creating a vortex to another world. She and Greg jump in with Henry in tow.

Emma screams as the vortex closes over. Mr. Gold and Belle arrive just in time to get caught up on all the news. When no one has any hope left, Hook turns his ship around offers up the last magic bean. Mr. Gold offers his services since he can track where Tamara and Greg have gone.

How? Doesn't matter.

Hook gives Mr. Gold the stinky eye since he's the dude he's been trying to kill for a few decades. Anyway, Mr. Gold tells Belle she has to stay and take care of Storybrooke since Greg and Tamara were a small part of a large group of wackos. He leaves her instructions rolled up in ribbon about how to put the town under an invisibility spell. He casually mentions the prophecy of how Henry will be his undoing.

Belle starts to cry when she realizes Rumpelstiltskin isn't coming back. He needs to save Henry to honor Baelfire's memory.

Neil washes up on a shore and is quickly rescued by Mulan, Aurora and Prince Phillip.

Hey, guys! How you doin'?

Mr. Gold wastes no time on Hook's ship before he gets out his magic globe to track Henry.

How? Doesn't matter.

His face grows even more lined. He locks eyes with Hook. Henry is being taken to Neverland. Hook grows nervous and tells them they're about to face someone they should all fear—Peter Pan.

The Lost Boys come ashore with Baelfire, but he doesn't match the sketch of the boy Peter Pan is looking for, he's looking for Henry.

Stuff I Liked About This Episode

#1. Hook's leather pants.

#2. The vortex plan actually made sense.

#3. Neil is still alive.

Stuff I Didn't Like About This Episode

#1. Mary Margaret's eyebrows. Holy cannoli! Am I the only one who noticed?

#2. Peter Pan does NOT kidnap little boys.

#3. Emma's magical ability is way too convenient.


Since this is the last episode until next season, I've decided to start blogging Game Of Thrones. The only thing I know about the show is that there are dragons, everyone is dirty, and there are a lot of battle scenes.


Unknown said...

I agree with pretty much everything you said, except for the part where Gold uses the globe to track Henry. I'm pretty sure that in an earlier episode when he used it to find Bae, he explained that it could find any blood relation he was thinking about. At least, I think that's how it goes.

Kimberlee Turley said...

Bwahahahah--- "Instantly Belle has the memories of Sneezy."

This completely made my evening.

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