Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Five People You Meet On The Bus


I love taking the bus!

I never have to worry about parking, obnoxious drivers who constantly blare their horns and ride my back fender, or having to turn left during heavy it's full of potential characters for future stories.

And I've noticed something lately; almost every passenger falls into five categories.

#1. The Door Hogger. This person doesn't even bother taking an empty seat, but instead parks themselves in front of the exit door for a quick getaway. Seriously? What about the other people who are getting off BEFORE you? And they usually have ginormous backpacks, so that they manage to block off a third of the bus as well.

#2. The Music Zombie. You've seen them; earbuds in place, head nodding in a slow rhythm, vacant stare out the window. They're good to sit by while you give dagger eyeballs to #1.

#3. The Talker. Holy crow! I loath this traveler. Please stop commenting on everything! Just because I smiled at you and said good morning doesn't mean I want to pretend we're Live with Kelly and Michael! And have you ever noticed that the person who talks the most has absolutely nothing interesting to say?


#4. The Reader. Always sit by this person if you have the chance. They're quiet, polite, and never hog the door or block the pathway. It is my dream to one day sit beside 'the reader' and discover they're reading one of my books. *sends wish to publishing fairies*

#5. The Watcher. This person is actually pretending to be #2 or #4, but they're really checking out the rest of the bus, putting everyone in categories for her blog. Um...yeah, I'm a Watcher. And if I find you quirky enough, you'll be in my next story.

Have you seen these people on the bus/subway?


Laila N Mysis said...

I don't have much reason to get on public transport, but I actually do enjoy it as soon as I've got past the ticket/getontherighttrainorbus stage. Especially trains to the city... fun ^_^

And I think I'm a #2 & #4 & #5 x)

Cute post ♥

Reality Chase said...

I'm a watcher! I listen to music and like observe people on the bus! XD

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