Saturday, 26 April 2014

Five Free Random Acts of Kindness

...that you can do today!

1. Leave love notes in between the pages of library books.

This note has just been found by someone awesome.

Only the most interesting people read this book. 

Smile, someone thinks you're cute. 

2. Take loose change from between your sofa cushions and fill parking meters that have expired (oh you devil you!)

3. The next time you enjoy a book, leave a gushing, favorable rating on Goodreads for the author! can add one of my books right now!

4. Look people in the eye and say good morning and SMILE.

5. Let someone skip in front of line at the coffee shop.


Tell the barista who serves you in the above mentioned coffee shop that they're doing a great job or how about, "That caramel drizzle is a work of art! This totally makes my morning."

Don't be shy. People love hearing nice things about themselves.

So go out and spread the happy. Here's your badge of honor, my friend.

What random acts of kindness can you do today?

1 comment:

Jane Lebak said...

Just be careful about that parking meter thing -- I think in some cities, it's supposedly illegal to add $$ to an expired meter. :-b

I think most RAKs are just a result of paying attention to the world around you and being open to the moment. And as writers, that should be second nature to us because we should be taking in everything *and* be unafraid of mixing things up a little!

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