Thursday, 17 April 2014

My Dream Ninja Assignment!

As part of the NINJA LIBRARIAN blog tour my assignment this week was to name which historical figure would I like to be an apprentice for? What would I like to learn from them?

One word, Cleopatra.


She was Egypt's last queen, invented many health and beauty treatments that are still used today, (mascara for one), and was the only person capable of keeping Egypt from falling to the Romans.

She fought off a brother and saved her country by swooning Julius Caesar and combining their armies. When Caesar died, Cleopatra had to flee Rome as rumors of her involvement in his death threatened her own demise.

But she didn't cower.

Mark Anthony was set to arrest her, instead...well, let's just say she gave birth to twins the following year.

She was a warrior, a scientist, a fierce leader, and has inspired generations of playwrights, artists, and archaeologists. Perhaps the most alluring part of Cleopatra is that her tomb has never been found. She died a prisoner of Octavian, supposedly after Mark Antony died in her arms. Loyal slaves smuggled in a poisonous snake at her request, so she could take her own life with its bite.

It is believed that Octavian still revered his queen and granted her the wish to be buried secretly with Mark Antony, where tomb raiders would never find them.

They still haven't.

I don't know what I'd want to learn for Cleopatra, but following her around for a day would be AWESOME!!!! 

Here are some of my other assignments which totally deserved an A+...

What animal I would take with me if I was going on an adventure? Easy peasy!

Top ten scenes from a book that I'd want to experience.

Top ten items I'd steal, borrow from books. Number one? Nancy Drew's blue convertible. Oh, yeah!

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Which historical figure would you like to apprentice for?

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Monica Babaian said...

Hi Bethany,

Great choice on who you'd apprentice for. Cleopatra is a very strong historical figure and an inspiration to world leaders. Plus, mascara!

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