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Once Upon A Time, Season 3, Episode 20 "Kansas"


Or better title, “Oh Baby!"

Mary Margaret arrives at the hospital breathing through contractions. Dr. Frankenstein is there.

Not exactly comforting.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gold spins a pile of gold like nobody's business. He gives the pile of gold to Zalena. She waves her wand over the spaghetti like mass and creates a golden brain.

She grins at him. “You always said spinning cleared your mind.” She puts the golden brain in the trunk with Charming's sword and Regina's heart.

A green Zalena spies through a magic pond, watching Rumpelstiltskin try and teach Regina magic. Zalena's taken over the palace in Oz since she turned the Wizard into a flying monkey. Glinda, shows up and thanks Zalena for taking care of such a shyster. She said he was a trickster who falsely offered hope to the good people of Oz.

She offers Zalena another way to spend her time rather than pinning for something that can never be hers. She says, “Come with me and I'll show you your true sisters.”

Zalena orders Mr. Gold to dig a pattern in the dirt of the barn in preparation of her spell to turn back time. Mr. Gold says "No matter what you change of your past, one thing shall remain the same, who you are. That is a fate you can never escape.”

He also said, "Deary" a few times, but I edited that out.

Regina and Emma put a protection around the maternity ward. Hook shows up offering his assistance. Emma is determined to stay mad at him and says she'll go after Zalena on her own. David interrupts and convinces her to let him tag along.

After all. If you're going to kill a super powerful witch, it helps to have a sexy pirate.

Henry waits for the birth of his new aunt or uncle and kills time by looking for an apartment in the classifieds. Dr. Hopper keeps him company and gets all sentimental with his former patient. Henry says he's back home to stay.

While they walk to Zalena's farmhouse of spooks, Hook tells Emma that New York was a fake, and Storybrooke is her real home. He asks her why she's so scared to stay.

Maybe because the only guy she has the hots for has cursed lips.

Zalena breaks up the romantic moment. She has Mr. Gold drown Hook.

Yup. That should dampen the moment. Get it? Oh, never mind.

Glinda takes green Zalena to the 'heart of magic' where she meets the other two sisters of the south and east.

FYI, The "heart of magic" is a round table with four chairs.

Glinda points to the empty chair and says Zalena is the one they've been waiting for to fill the last spot. The West represents innocence. Glinda says, "Innocence reclaimed can be just as powerful as innocence born."

Green Zalena is unconvinced.

Glinda has a special destiny book that foretells the future (hence the name destiny). It has been foretold that the last powerful witch will be brought to Oz by a cyclone.

Green Zalena smiles.

Emma rushes to the water and pulls out Hook. He's not breathing. She performs mouth to mouth.


Green Zalena returns to spy on Regina. Then she stands tall and relinquishes her jealousy, ready to forget what she wanted so badly.

Glinda appears with a long list of rules and a really pretty pendant.

Green Zalena is now part of the sisterhood. The pendant concentrates all her magic and makes her more powerful. Zalena puts on the necklace and the green vanishes as her jealousy ebbs.

Zalena and Mr. Gold trample into the hospital. She drops everyone who tries to stop her. Even Regina is not match.

Glinda takes a nighttime walk in Oz with Zalena.

Yikes a cyclone appears!

They find a wrecked cottage. Glinda rescues a young girl in a gingham dress. She tells them she's from Kansas and her name is Ethel.

Just kidding, it's Dorothy Gale. Glinda is super excited that someone so young could survive such a storm.

Zalena, not so much.

Mary Margaret pushes out little bambino while the lights flicker.

It's a boy! And it doesn't have monkey wings!

David and Mary Margaret are so happy. They finally have a normal delivery. No curse raining down on them or a secret magical wardrobe they have to send the baby in.

Oh, wait. Never mind.

Zalena arrives and effortlessly takes the baby. She vanishes in a flume of green smoke—her signature colour.

The witches share cookies with Dorothy around the round table.

She's sitting in Zalena's chair! The one for the Witch of the West, the innocent one.

Glinda find Zalena lurking in the background. She asks what's wrong? Zalena starts to turn green again. She sneers at Glinda and reads from the book of destiny. There is ANOTHER prophecy that says the witch who arrives in the cyclone will help defeat the biggest evil ever seen.

Glinda tells Zalena that destiny is something you choose. "If you believe you are evil, evil will happen."

I believe I will win a unicorn!

David gathers a team at the hospital to help him get the baby back. Emma and Hook drop the bomb that she lost all her magic. Henry convinces Regina that she's their only hope.

"Hold on," she says. "I'm evil. Dark magic is all I know."

Henry says she's good now. He believes in her. Emma nods, "You saved Henry with true love's kiss. That's white magic."

Back in Oz, Zalena is completely green again. She surprises Dorothy at a nearby well in the middle of the night, saying that she's the only witch of the west and it's time for her to disappear.

Dorothy has no idea what Zalena is talking about. Zalena gets ready to throw fireballs at her. Dorothy tosses the bucket of water at Zalena and she melts into the ground.

Glinda shows up and mentions that it wasn't a coincidence she was by a well, it was her destiny. Dorthy is shaken, she wants to go home. Glinda breaks the bad news that even though she is super duper powerful she cannot cross realms. But the Wizard may be able to help.

You know, the Wizard she said was a fake. 

He's comes from a far away place too. Since Zalena is dead her magic will be undone and he's returned to his human form.

Zalena gently places the baby in a basket on the barn floor as the fourth and final element, ready to travel back in time. Mr. Gold promises to kill her the next time he sees her.

Smoke. Fireworks. White light. Orange light.


Emma, David, Hook, Robin Hood and Regina show up talking tough.

Mr. Gold tells them to get the dagger from Zalena otherwise he'll have to kill them. Zalena laughs when Regina tries to use white magic. "It's your destiny to be dark."

Regina sees Robin Hood and bolts of white magic explode from her hands. Zalena is thrown back and drops the dagger in the dirt.

Regina rips off Zalena's pendant. David grabs his baby.

Jesus! Who has the dagger? Someone go for the dagger!

Now that she has no magic, Mr. Gold gets ready to kill Zalena.

Regina takes the dagger and stops Mr. Gold. He's irate but Regina convinces him white magic is the way to least today. 

Glinda takes Dorothy to see the newly reformed Wizard. From behind the curtain the shadow tells her he is grateful since she helped rescue him from the wicked witch. After Dorothy clicks her heels and disappears, Glinda thanks the wizard and asks him to show his true self.

Green Zalena comes out, giggling.

She sent Dorthy away so she could fulfill her prophecy as the powerful witch of the west. Then she sends Glinda to the enchanted forest...I mean that cold place where it's always snowing but never Christmas. 

Zalena sits in a cell while Regina explains her reasons for changing into a good person. She says she's going to give her a second chance. "Evil isn't born it's made. And so is good."

And so is Kraft Dinner.

Regina takes Zalena's pendant and places it in a box in her secret vault where it will be safe.

Mr. Gold mopes about his shop, pining for Neal. Belle arrives and ... no please...just hug. Please, just hug. 

They profess their love for each other. He's amazed that she's still in love with him.

So are we, Mr. Gold. So are we.

Belle hands him the dagger saying, “I believe in you. You're a free man. Promise me you won't go after Zalena.”

He says it symbolizes that she trusts him with all her heart. Then he hands the dagger back to her and proposes. And they kiss.

Thank goodness for the shadows.

David returns to the hospital triumphant. Mary Margaret has since changed into a frilly housecoat. Emma looks on smiling. Hook swaggers along in his low cut black leather ensemble. He thanks Emma for saving him.

Emma says her magic hasn't resurfaced, but that's okay because she'll be returning to New York with Henry soon.

Henry and Emma go in to see his new Uncle.


Mr. Gold arrives at Zalena's cell. She's pretty cocky until he produces the real dagger. "Belle thinks she has the real one," he sneers.

Mr. Gold made a promise to avenge his son's death.

And Rumpelstiltskin never breaks a promise. He stabs Zalena. She turns porcelain and breaks into a million pieces that blow away.

Back at the secret vault, a green smoke escapes from the locket. It winds through town and finds the pattern Zalena had prepared to go back in time. The green smoke traces the pattern. It becomes charged and a bright orange vortex opens up to the sky.

Hmm...a vortex to the past?

Two hour Finale next week!

Need more Storybrooke? You'll find my recaps for ALL of the Once Upon A Time episodes (even from the very first season) on my Pinterest page here.


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