Saturday, 3 May 2014

Top Five Reasons Why Andrew Garfield is a Better Spiderman than Tobey Macquire.

1. The hair!!!!

2. Andrew's version of 'nerdy' Peter Parker is a delightful dorkish genius with messy yet stylish hair. Tobey was greasy and creepy.

3. The kiss with Emma Stone was AH-SOME. The upside down kiss with Kirsten Dunst was ridiculous. How could he breathe?

4. Andrew uses all his face parts when acting. His eyebrows are the hardest working in Hollywood today. Tobey... blinks.

5. Andrew's Spiderman has all the sass of the comic book Spiderman but is still goofy and romantic at the same time. Tobey was cynical/full of spite/awkward/depressing and I found it hard to root for him.


The amazing Sally Field plays his Aunt. 'Nuf said.

Who's going to the Spiderman movie? Whee!!!


Donna Hosie said...

Completely agree. Off to see Spidey 2 today!

Alice Kaltman said...

Me too! I love young Andrew. And Emma too!

Leandra Wallace said...

Lol! I love this post and agree w/it all: greasy, creepy, did nothing but blink- amen, sister! Andrew does such an amazing job and is so cute that I just want to squeeze him. One thing I really like about the Spiderman persona is that he isn't some incredible muscled up guy. He's just normal, which is refreshing.

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