Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Twelve Awesome Ways to Reuse Old Books

#1. A book purse! Come on, we all need one. Check out the instructions and YouTube video here.

#2. A new headboard! Perfect for all you librocubicularists. Here's the How To.

#3. Your own custom made docking station! Aren't you clever!

#4. A bookmark. A good pick for the lesser crafty of the bunch. Simple, yet foolproof.

#5. A real book cover for your kindle or nook or ipad.

#6. A book lamp to read by ;).

#7. A book shelf! Get it? A shelf made with books ... never mind.


#8. Make a secret compartment in a hollowed out book to stash all your treasures and diabolical plans. Mwahahaha!

#9. Create some art for your walls. She also include instructions on how to cover a lamp shade!

#10. Time to create some black out art. Newspapers are great for this.

#11. Make your own unique pendant from your favourite passage. Michael's craft store sells the kits.

#12. Candles! Glue pages to the inside of Dollar Store votive holders and place an electric tea light inside.

What ideas do you have for reusing old books? 

1 comment:

Connie Keller said...

So cool!!

Making a book purse is now on my list of "Things Which Must Be Made." Thanks.

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