Wednesday, 11 February 2015

My Countdown List for Valentine's Day

#1. Eat a whole wheel of brie.

#2. Make book fort and stock with wine and double stuffed OREOS.

#3. Mail last year's Christmas cards.

#4. Adopt a baby penguin.

#5. Open an orphanage for abandoned adverbs.

#6. Find out where Fifty Shades of Grey is showing and stay the eff away from those theatres.

#7. Order pizza and insist Dominos cut the pepperoni into heart shapes.

#8. Find Waldo.

#9. Watch the entire Dynasty series from start to finish.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?


Anonymous said...

Haha, I will definitely be staying the eff away from those theatres! Goodness, why would anyone go and watch something like that in the cinema?? I mean it's bad at home but at least that's a private setting, but to watch basically porn in public with a bunch of strangers? Sometimes i just don't understand humans.

I think i might take your advice with #7, the pepporoni idea sounds kinda asshole-ish (I mean getting someone to cut them) but hey, you'd get a super cute, super instagram-able pizza out of it. And i'd leave a huge tip, promise :p

Jane Lebak said...

We order a pizza for Valentine's Day, but no pepperoni. :-)

Reading an awesome book is a good choice, too. Between you and me I bet we can recommend about ten.

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