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The Bachelor Season 19, Episode 9 "Secrets, Lies and Video Tapes"


Chris and Becca have a low key date. They hang out in his loft and chat it up. She tells Chris she's never been in love.

We also know she's never had naked hugs with anyone.

But she also tells Chris she feels comfortable with him and thinks he's super terrific. They look at the sunset and the clouds form hearts in the sky.


Britt gets teary eyed in the hotel and tells the girls. "I'm packed. I told him I envisioned being his wife and having in a family with him in Iowa and he gave the rose to someone else."

Carly tells the other girls, "If she wants out, I'll take her rose right now."

Before the cocktail party Britt and Jade have agendas to get Chris alone. Britt wanted to say good-bye (break up with him before he broke up with her) and Jade needs to share that nude modeling thing.

BUT!!!! The host shows up and announces there will be no cocktail party. So it's off to the rose ceremony speedy quick.

The girls line up in their mini dresses and stilettos while Chris does his pre-amble. Britt interrupts and takes him to the next room. Once they're alone, she apologizes for what she said the other night.

I thought she was going to break up with him. 

Then she asks if he wants to ask her anything.

"Er...um. Some girls have told me that you lied about Arlington."

"Was it Carly?"

"Well, um...it doesn't matter."

Things get worse from there and Chris walks her to the door. She breaks down on the front lawn of the mansion. The other girls can hear her crying.


Dear Britt, stick with your instincts. Should have gone with original plan.

How does Carly feels about this?

Whitney gets the first rose, then Becca, then Jade.

Carly is going home.

Karma strikes again!

Crying in the limo she tells us, "I think I deserve someone who loves me. Why doesn't anyone want me?"

Dear Carly, There's nothing wrong with you. Take this sorrow and turn it into a hit country song.

Off to Shreveport Louisianna, Becca's hometown!

This is the VERY first time Becca has brought a guy home to meet her family.

Becca has a big family. There's a lot of big hair. Becca's older sister takes Chris aside and says it's weird to see Becca holding hands with a guy (especially a guy who is kissing and holding hands with other girls...at the same time)

Chris tells the camera, "I'd love to be the guy Becca has been waiting for." Then he whisks her away to the state fair where they ride the Ferris Wheel...after hours.

Becca said, "It was like a movie scene."

Psst, Becca...that's the camera being pointed at you. It won't always be there.

Up next, Chicago and Whitney's family.

Whitney tells us, "I have no doubts."

She takes him to her workplace. "I'm passionate about my profession."

How many fertility clinics are there in Arlington?


She tells Chris about the whole process while the technician fertilizes an egg. He says. "I make corn."

Then she gives him a specimen jar and shows him the man's room.

Psst...it's full of Playboys. *cough* Jade *cough*

However, she was just joking. Since Whitney was raised by a single mother who recently died, her family dynamics are different than Becca's. Chris will have to impress Whitney's older sister and her uncle.

Kimberly, her older sister, has a list of questions. She tells Chris that she will only give her blessing to Chris' proposal if he can tell her Kimberly is the only one, you know, not while he's considering four other girls.

Way to go, Kimberly!

Chris goes international and visits Kaitlyn in Vancouver, BC!

Actually, her family came to the States instead. Does Chris not have a passport? She takes him to a recording studio and makes him write a rap song.

*hits fast forward*

He finally meets Kaitlyn's family. There's lots of giggling and wine consumption.

Kaitlyn's mom takes her aside. "Are you sure? Are you really in love?"

"Urgh. Yup. I heart him."

After supper Kaitlyn and Chris go for a drive. She shows him a special bill board.


Wow, she really does heart him. I hope it lasts until recess.

He says, "Things are moving forward."

Chris visits Jade in Nebraska!

Her family home is small and Jade's Dad wastes no time taking Chris aside. He gives his blessing but only if Chris is 100% sure.

Jade's brother mentions she likes living in Los Angeles and might not want to be in Arlington. "She's a wild mustang. When the time is right she'll be ready to settle down."

Chris' eyebrows come together a lot during this visit.

Jade needs to tell Chris about her modeling. They go back to Chris' hotel room. Finally, after a million blinks and 'um...ers...' she says, "There was a time in my life when I first moved to LA that I did a lot of liberating things that I would normally say no to."

Chris rubs his chin.

"I was approached to pose for Playboy...and I did."

Chris is speechless.

"I could show you the pictures...like if you wanted."

"Well, if you want...I guess."

Then she pulls out her laptop. And all of a sudden, they're looking at nude pictures of Jade. Oh, and there's a video too!

Chris takes a drink. "I won't judge you on things you did in the past. They way I feel about you is because of the time we've spent together."

Rose Ceremony!

Who will be the three remaining contestants?

Whitney gets the first rose. Kaitlyn gets the second. And the last and third rose goes to ... Becca.

Jade is going home.

He tells her, "This has nothing to do with what you told me, things are just moving faster with the other girls."

This bothers me. She shouldn't be ashamed. Chris been making out with everyone the whole time and she's the one apologizing.


Chris leaves us with this, "I could be making the biggest mistake of my life."

Dear Chris, I think Jade was the girl you really were in love with. No worries, three months from now you can invite her back to the ranch again after you break up with whomever you propose to.

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