Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The Bachelor Season 19, Episode 6 "Crying, Cat Fights, and Cray-Cray"

Let's do this!

Kelsey survives her panic attack to the disappointment of the other girls. After the rose ceremony, Mackenzie, the dental assistant, and some other chick I don't think I've ever seen before go home.

Chris and the girls go to Deadwood South Dakota!

Kelsey is feeling the pressure of not being liked by the other girls, but she chalks that up to their insecurity surrounding her use of big words around them. "I'm blessed with eloquence."


Chris and Becca go on the only solo date this episode. They horseback ride, shoot cans in the woods and roast kabobs on a fire. It's awesome good fun. She gets the rose!


For the group date, Chris has the girls write a love song for him to perform in front of an audience. Carly has this nailed since she's a professional singer.

Britt wins the contest and gets the rose. The other girls cry in the bathroom.


Ashley and Kelsey get picked to go on the two on one date with Chris for a picnic in the Bad Lands.

"I can't wait to kick some Kelsey butt," Ashley laughs at the camera.

What does Kelsey think?


After a helicopter ride to the Bad Lands. Awkward silence and drinking ensues. Kelsey says, "The Bachelor is about putting logic and love together."


After Ashley tells Chris that the house believes that Kelsey is a total faker he brings it up to Kelsey. She's quite calm until she confronts Ashley with her dagger eyeball stare.


She tells the camera, "The difference between me and Ashely is that we're not the same."

Well, yeah, that's what being different means.

Ashely can't handle the pressure, she runs away and cries to Chris. Then she runs away from him, then she runs back. He tells her he can't give her the lifestyle she wants. Then she runs away and has a nervous breakdown in the Bad Lands.

Kelsey smiles in the distance. But then Chris arrives at their picnic tent and dumps her off the show as well.

BAM!! No rose for anyone!

When the remaining girls at the hotel find out, they celebrate with champagne.

Since the math works out, there is no rose ceremony, but ABC is promising much more crying the next episode.

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