Sunday, 13 March 2016

Are You Starting Your Story Too Soon?

Most agents and editors will tell you the first few pages of your story are the most important. You have to set the stage for the story while still hooking the reader.

Easier said than written though because the set up information is not always the best way to grab a reader's attention. So how do you know where the best place to start your story?

Here are two simple rules that will help you determine the most effective starting point in your story's timeline.

Rule #1 

You’re beginning your story too soon if there is nothing happening in your first chapter.

Read your first chapter and then ask yourself these questions.

1. What is happening?

2. If you take out all the backstory does the scene move forward? If yes, then take out the backstory.

Here's a handy dandy checklist for essential elements for every scene.

Rule #2

You’re beginning your story too soon if your opening chapter does not contain any conflict.

Your MC wants something, but they can't get it = conflict

This gets even more exciting if there's a way to get what they want, but it's going to cause a MAJOR dilemma and push the plot forward.

Keep these two rules in mind and your opening will be awesome!

The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins is a classic example of a great opening.

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Happy writing!

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