Saturday, 22 June 2013

Trends In Writing And Why They Shouldn't Matter

Lately there's been buzz in the YA literary world that paranormal is out and contemporary is in. Good news for me since I'm shopping around a YA contemporary coming of age series.

However, imagine you've just finished the best, and I mean THE BEST YA paranormal novel. Wouldn't the above news flash strike the fear of death in your heart? I can hear the sobs now as millions of writers clutch their hair and scream, "Why...why now?"

Deep breaths, my friends.

The truth is, readers fuel this industry, not publishers.

No one could have forecast the phenomenon of Fifty Shades of Grey. The success of that series is important because it PROVES that nothing in publishing is predictable.

So, dry your eyes, get off the bathroom floor, and for God's sake, keep writing.

And if you don't believe me, here's some advice from someone who knows their way around a bookstore.


Laila N Mysis said...

Trust Neil Gaiman ♥ Motivating and funny post as always ^_^

Arianna said...

This means I expect to see your book on my store shelves soon!!! Lots of luck!!!


Rebecca Green Gasper said...

You're right...there are readers for every genre. So important for everyone to write what they want and to believe in it! :)

Ari said...

I totally agree. We read what we want to read and I for one am going to buy your book and read it again after it is published although i've read it already.

A Malik said...

I agree. I expect to be reading your book soon... again.

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