Sunday, 9 June 2013

I Am Currently...


Loving: The warmer weather. My garden kicks ass.
by Lars Kepler. Holy hebbie gebbies! I'm freaked out already and I'm only on page 65.  Next up is JOYLAND by Stephen King. Who needs sleep?
Kill me now, I'm watching The Bachelorette. And to counteract any neuron damage, I've decided to start watching Game Of Thrones...that is as soon as I finish THE HYPNOTIST. 

Thinking about: Alex Pettyfer, and how I should really learn to play the ukulele this summer. This is how I imagine Alex would react if I played the ukulele for him.

Anticipating: Finishing my YA mystery novella, THE ASP. It's Veronica Mars meets Indiana Jones. Check it out for free! Plus there's a Pinterest board that your eyeballs may enjoy as well.

Wishing: For more wishes ;)
Making me happy: Knowing that summer and all its glorious 'french fries and ice cream eating at the beach' days are on the way. Plus there's writing and watching my tomato plants inch along each day
How about you?


Kathryn Rose said...

I don't feel as bad about my constant AP swooning whenever I stop by your blog. ;) <3

Laila N Mysis said...

Why do people enjoy scaring the bananas out of themselves? I mean, I do it too, sometimes, but why?

^_^ And we're hitting Winter. Rainy days and mugs of coffee pour moi :)

Brinda said...

I'm almost finished with Joyland. :)

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