Monday, 9 September 2013

Y.O.U.N.G. Spells Trouble for Saint Mary's University
Last week on youtube a video was uploaded showing students at Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, celebrating FROSH week by singing a chant getting all the new kiddos super excited for their first University party!!

This is how it goes...

Y stands for your sister.

O is for oh so tight.

U stands for underage.

N stands for no consent.

G stands for grab that ass.

At first I rolled my eyes and muttered, "Guys are pigs." Then I saw that girls at the event were singing it as well.

Wait? What!?

How is that possible? How could you stand there clapping and smiling while the guys around you are getting riled up by singing a song bragging about statutory rape?

Then I realized my blasé reaction was partly to blame. I wasn't making excuses for the behavior, but I wasn't rip roaring, ferociously mad either.

I wasn't mad. And I should have been. We ALL should've been.

'It's only a song', some people commented when interviewed,' they (the students) weren't actually condoning rape.'

I disagree.

It's not so much about women's rights or feminism, it's about basic human decency—something that needs to be taught and demonstrated everyday, especially at the University level (apparently).

It's the small, benign moments we let pass that lead to a comfort level with this kind of abuse that make the public immune. When you compromise once, the second time is easier, and the fine, seemingly insignificant details you ignored earlier, will soon turn into the large problem.

And this chant is now a large problem for the public relations department at Saint Mary's.

But I have the solution. And it's quite simple, really. Treat people with kindness. Show others around you what is acceptable, and stand up when you witness otherwise.

I feel for the students, professors, and staff who work hard to make Saint Mary's University an institution that excels in preparing young people to be contributors to society. Everyone is sharing the shame of a few, but I'm glad someone finally made this ugly chant public.

We'll only have the opportunity to improve when we are uncomfortable enough to make a change.

And in one last note, Saint Mary's isn't the only University on the hot seat this week, just yesterday the national news reported the University of British Columbia has been using a similar chant.

It's time to put the pom poms away, stop with the Y.O.U.N.G, and concentrate on our 'P's and 'Q's instead.


Erin Latimer said...

Ugh, you have to wonder what is wrong with some of these people. Especially the "no consent" part. That's very SPECIFIC. Disturbingly so. And what is wrong with women singing that? Do we WANT to be objectified? *headdesk*

Laila N Mysis said...

I second the *headdesk*

To me, this is similar to the song Blurred Lines. Also seemingly harmless, with the accompanying jokes Thicke makes about degrading women... I can't believe it's not a made a 'bigger deal'. :/

But such sweet advice ♥

Leandra Wallace said...

Wow. This definitely ruffles my feathers!!! It's horrible. If I ever heard my son singing that, I don't care how old he was, his ears would ringing after I got done w/him. =(

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