Tuesday, 4 March 2014

I Am Currently...

Loving: Almond milk. Seriously. My cappuccino have never been so yummy


Reading: CRESS by Marissa Meyer. The third book in this sci-fi series is turning out to be my favorite yet. And the best thing is that Marissa followed me on Wattpad! So now we be like besties and such. Next up is ALLIGATOR  by Lisa Moore. I love her writing style. I'm always underlining phrases!

Watching: Downton Abbey has completed another season and I'm currently going through withdrawal. However, starting up this weekend is the continuation of season three of Once Upon A Time. From the promo it looks like the wicked witch of the west is going to be the villain this time. And we'll probably get to see Emma and Hook play that flirting game which Neal keeps interrupting. Team Hook!


Thinking about: BLACK FRIDAY, the sequel to NIGHT SHIFT. Wattpad readers have been so supportive that I couldn't leave them hanging. This book has been so fun to write. I promise big reveals, plot twists, and an ending that will make the readers hate and love me at the same time.

While waiting for edits on BUSGIRL BLUES, it's been a nice distraction to escape back to Willard's department store. I discovered that sharing my stories for free is quite liberating.  

Anticipating: Launching BUSGIRL BLUES into the world this fall! In the next few months I'll be finishing final edits and finally getting a peek at the cover. *pinches self*

Until I hold the actual book in my hands, I'll keep believing this is an elaborate practical joke.

Wishing: For an early spring with lots of sunshine. My goodness, it's been a long winter.

Making me happy: Everyone I care about is healthy and happy. Never underestimate the power of a comfortable, ordinary life.

How about you?

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