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Are You A Hunger Games Junkie?

November 17, 2011

On March 23, I'll be standing in line with my tub of popcorn (minus the "golden topping", thank you very much) and a package of nibs licorice. Like most fans of the series, I'll be dissecting the trailer by pointing out all the differences between the movie and the novel—Hollywood and books aren't always a good combination. You saw The Cat In The Hat, right? I rest my case.

But there will be some people in line who haven't read the books. Avoid these people. They will ask stupid questions during the movie. "Um, okay. what is the deal with the girl with the bow and arrow? And why is...oh my gawd, that guy is soooo hot."

See? She will ruin the movie for you. I know I'm not the only fan with this legitimate concern. I dare you to take the challenge. You may be a Hunger Games junkie if...

1. The number of times you've watched the trailer is greater than your age.

2. After seeing the actors you switched from Team Peeta to Team Gale.

3. You've given yourself the name, Marigold White-Pine

4. You've taken up archery.

5. Every time to see a Blue Jay you do a salute. Then your friend points out it's not the same type of bird.

You booed the trailer when Katniss and Peeta's costumes were only red and black. NOT black with real flames of fire. *rolls eyes*

7. You bought the t-shirt, gold-colored pin, mug, pen, and hardcover boxed set.

8. You were disappointed in the third book, but you'd NEVER admit that.

9. With all the money Lionsgate spent on special effects, you argue they could have thrown in a pair of brown contacts for Katniss.

10. And finally, you know you're a
Hunger Games junkie when you click on anything about the Hunger Games... including this blog.

Are you a HG junkie? Did you find any other differences in the trailer?

Next Monday, I'll be blogging the latest episode of Once Upon A Time.


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