Sunday, 18 December 2011

OUAT Withdrawl

November 21, 2011

They AMA's were entertaining, but I would have preferred watching Once Upon A Time last night. You too? Here are some of my thoughts on the ABC series so far... 

1. All the guys have that perfect, shmexy two day stubble look happening—with the exception of Mr. Gold and the mean Doctor, who is obviously working for the Evil Queen. Note to self, never trust a cleanly shaven man in Storybrook.

2. The glass unicorn mobile that was above baby Emma's crib in Snow White's castle, also appears in Mr. Gold's shop when Cinderella breaks in. Sorry, but am I the only one who thinks dangling glass above a baby is probably not the best idea?

3. All the ladies, good and the bad, apparently see the same esthetician for eyebrow shaping. Everyone has that pointy arch, making each expression seem slightly sarcastic.

4. The Evil Queen wears and decorates with only white, gray or black. Except for those frickin' apples. Okay, we get it, she likes apples. And BTW, Honey Crisp are red and yellow. It looks like she's harvesting Red Delicious, check out the five point star on the bottoms. Go Google it, I'll wait....See?

5. I'm guessing that Sherrif Graham cracker is either Robin Hood (good but does kinda bad things) or the Big Bad Wolf (has that scruffy but dapper look about him that only a wolf could pull off.) Also friends, let's not forget a wolf was in the middle of the road causing Emma to have an accident. And where did she wake up? Hmm-mm, that's right—the police station.

6. Did you see Grumpy and Sleepy as the night guards in the hospital? I wonder what the others are up to, certainly nothing past five feet (yuk-yuk).

7. Who is in charge of wardrobe? Please get Emma another outfit. I dig the skinny jeans and leather jacket, but honestly, now it's just embarrassing. 

8. I hope they stay with classic Fairy Tales and don't veer into Disney territory. If Buzz and Woody show up, I'll be sooo mad.

9. Seeing Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White makes me love her short hair even more. Pixie style rocks!

10. Has anyone else noticed how much the Evil Queen looks like a...well...okay let's be frank, when she's in Fairy Tale Land she looks like a dominatrix. I'm sure I saw the same costume with the push-up bra and
Star Trek pony-tail hair extension in the Halloween store last month.

Did I miss anything? What do you think is the Sheriff's real identity?
Also, while you wait for the next episode, may I suggest watching Ever After, it's one of my all time favorites.


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