Monday, 26 December 2011

What You Should Know Before Visiting Storybrooke

I'm confident that whatever happens in the next episode, the unicorn will save the day.

You may be interested to learn that the town Storybrooke, actually exists. Tourism naturally has increased significantly since Once Upon A Time aired. With that in mind, I've created a traveller's advisory brochure.

Top Ten Things You Should Know Before Visiting Storybrooke
  1. Don't upset the Mayor, especially if you know she has your heart in a vault under her father's empty casket.

  1. Don't trust dwarfs. So far we've seen Grumpy in jail and Sleepy nod off during his night shift duties at the hospital.

  1. School really isn't that important. Mary Margaret's class is always making bird houses or having two week recesses. Henry only attends if it's important to the script.

  1. If a pawn shop has two creepy looking dolls in peasant garb, don't tell the owner your name, just run out of there speedy quick.

  1. Storybrooke makes a poor Honeymoon destination. Apparently the Mayor and the Sheriff are the only ones allowed to get past third base.

  1. No harm will come from trusting the animals. Dog, wolf, unicorn, cricket, song birds...seriously, you can't go wrong. If there is ever any doubt, always follow the woodland creature.

  1. 'Sheriff' is spelled with one 'r' and two 'f''s, not the other way around. This isn't a warning, only something I've learned from watching the show. Who said TV can't learn you to right?

  1. If you wear skinny jeans you'll get free hot chocolate at the diner/pub/laundromat on Main Street.

  1. Leave the town if you need medical attention, the hospital only has one Doctor.

  1. Don't eat the apples.

Any other tips for travelling to Storybrooke?


Nicole said...

I thought sheriff was always spelled with one 'r' and two 'f's. Or is Google and my dictionary and autocorrect leading me astray?

BR Myers said...

It is. But I always spelled it wrong...that is until I started blogging at the show! Thank you, TV.

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