Monday, 5 March 2012

Once Upon A Time, Recap of Episode 14 “Dreamy”

Or better title, "Why Grumpy is so...well grumpy"

The well endowed Blue Fairy is sitting on the clouds, looking like she's auditioning for a Philadelphia cream cheese commercial. A pink fairy arrives with a bag, and almost spills the contents as she trips over the cloud. The Blue Fairy scolds the newbie, Nova, for being so careless with the powerful fairy dust.

Last seen in Finding Nemo.
photo credit
The special effects in this scene were probably done by the local High School drama team. Plus the fairy costumes make them look like jellyfish.

Far below the fake clouds, in a darkened room, huge eggs are tended to by dwarfs. One starts to crack open! Cool, bring on the dragons.

No. It's...Grumpy?

Ew. Weird. Not liking this development.

The Head Dwarf takes the freshly born Grumpy down into the mines, explaining how he was specially made to shovel rocks for fairy dust...for the rest of his life. He's handed his pick axe and the name Dreamy appears on the wooden handle. The Head Dwarf smiles at him and declares he will now be known as Dreamy.

Wow! What could have changed Dreamy into Grumpy?

I don't know—maybe a lifetime of backbreaking labor underground?

Inside Storybrookes' only business, the pub/laundromat/diner, Grumpy sits at the breakfast counter looking constipated. Hopefully he's having a bowl of Bran Flakes. Two men arrive and ask him to move over so they'll have room to eat. One of the men is the Pharmacist who always has a cold. And yes! I was right, he's Sneezy! Click here for proof.

Grumpy gets up from his stool muttering something about hating people. Mary Margaret walks in the door and asks for everyone's attention. She needs volunteers for the annual Miners Day celebration.

Right! Because there is an abandoned mine in town. Check out the Jiminy Cricket episode here.

It gets quiet, all at once, in that awkward kind of way, and no one raises a hand. Apparently Mary Margaret is still the reining 'homewrecker of the year.' Even Emma watches over the rim of her coffee mug, choosing to stay silent.

Grumpy stomps up to Mary Margaret. When she asks if he wants to volunteer he lashes back with a lovely quote about what a great team they would make, since she's the town harlot and he's the town drunk. Mary Margaret runs down the street crying, in yet another cute hat.

Seriously, check out all her hats below.

Emma catches up with her and promises to help if she can.
Really? Nice timing. Maybe stand up for her the next time there's an audience. What a horrible daughter.
Mary Margaret explains to Emma, and us, the annual festival goes way back, honouring a tradition when the Nuns used to sell handmade        
candles to the miners.

This is almost as hokey as dwarfs coming out of eggs.

Before Emma can back up her empty promise, she gets a call from the mysterious dispatcher that no one ever sees. Emma bids Mary Margaret farewell, saying she has to check 'something' out.

Grumpy is busy stomping through the festival grounds when (confetti?) sprinkles down on him. Nova is above him, struggling to stay on a ladder, trying to figure out how to work the lights.

Of course, all lights are packed in confetti. That makes complete sense.

She climbs down and brushes the mess off his face, apologizing in her soft yet excited voice. Grumpy is immediately charmed since no one that good looking has ever touched him before.

He fixes the lights for her and she calls him her hero. He says his name is Leroy and she introduces herself as Astrid, which we all know is the most clumsy of all the flowers.

We arrive at Nun headquarters. It's like a community center...I think. Never mind, that's not important. The important thing is that Astrid is one of the Nuns. So is the Blue Fairy, although she looks much more demure in her button up sweater and Peter Pan collar compared to the bedazzled blue bustier she usually wears.

Grumpy has followed Astrid and he finds out she's made a huge mistake in ordering too much helium. Now the Nuns won't be able to pay the rent for this month to that nasty Mr. Gold. They'll be out on the street unless they sell all the candles—all five thousand dollars worth.

Okay, the hokey factor on this episode just went through the roof. Seriously? Too much helium.

Anyway, Grumpy is determined to help Astrid and he joins Mary Margaret's volunteer committee, which includes himself and Mary Margaret.

Emma finds Catherine's abandoned car. Sidney shows up with his camera saying he might get his job back at the Daily Mirror if he lands a good scoop. Emma shrugs him off and guesses that Catherine was so eager to get out of town and start law school, that she probably started to hitchhike when her car ran off the road.

Yeah, that's what I would do if I was in a car accident at night. Instead of going five minutes back to my hometown where I know everyone, I'd probably start walking into the dark unknown.

Dear ABC,

Why is Emma the best choice for Sheriff again?

Sidney, not exactly as shown.
photo credit
When Emma pops open the trunk she discovers Catherine forgot to take her suitcase as she hitchhiked into the dark unknown. David shows up in his pick-up truck, looking confused. Emma has an amazing idea that maybe she should pull Catherine's cell phone information to make sure she walked all the way to Boston last night. Sidney gives her an approving nod and says he has a source at the phone company. He runs away, excited to be hunting for clues, just like Selma from Scooby-Doo.

Emma asks David about Catherine and he denies knowing what happened. She looks at him for three extra long seconds and declares that yes, he is innocent.

The Mayor prints off Catherine's phone records and calls Sidney letting him know she found something juicy. Wow. The Mayor can do so much from that office.

At the assembly line in the mine, Dreamy is hard at work and I can't help but think of that I Love Lucy episode in the candy factory.

Nova waits beside the spigot, watching the fairy dust come out. But the tap gets stuck and she's helpless in her jellyfish dress. Trying to fix the problem she only makes it worse, sending a full bag of dust on the conveyor belt headed straight for the furnace.

If she was a dwarf her name would be Clumsy.

Dreamy unclogs the machinery and with a series of impressive acrobatics around the equipment, he saves the bag of fairy dust. Nova calls him her hero and they get philosophical all of a sudden, as fairies and dwarfs are known to do. He tells her, “You can do anything you want as long as you dream it.”

I dreaming Schmexy will come back. Let's see how that works out.

Dreamy's charm works like...well it works like a charm and Nova invites him to watch fireflies that night.

Mary Margaret and Grumpy are having no luck at the candle selling booth. Grumpy convinces her they will do better door to door if they work as a team.

Emma finds Sidney and tells him that she needs those phone records speedy quick since Catherine never showed up for her Lawyer 101 class today.

Holy cow she's really missing!

Dreamy has lunch at a long wooden table, surrounded by his work buddies, confused by his sweaty palms and the butterflies in his stomach. One of the other dwarfs says it sounds like love, but Dreamy doesn't understand what love is.

A woman's voice gets his attention. Two tables over, Belle begins to spout advice. She talks about how important it is to hold on to love, and that he needs to find his dreams. At least that's what I think she said.

Dear ABC,

Why is Belle in the miner's cafeteria?

Anyway, after talking with her, Dreamy is convinced his destiny is with Nova.

Grumpy and a defeated Mary Margaret go back to Nun headquarters and find Astrid. Grumpy lies that they sold all the candles, therefore she won't be thrown out on the street. Mary Margaret figures out that Grumpy has romantic feelings for Astrid. They trade insults on who is the most unethical.

Dreamy meets Nova at Inspiration Point, overlooking the kingdom. She tells him being a fairy isn't so great, she flies above the world but is never a real part of it. He talks about working in the ground and dreaming of getting a boat and sailing away. They kiss and she tells him she's totally game, and they make plans to set sail the next night.

Um...that was quick.

Grumpy is trying to sell a leaky sailboat to Mr. Gold, but he's not buying and says he'll be glad to get rid of the Nuns. I'm guessing the fairies and Rumpelstiltskin didn't get along.

Astrid shows up with a fresh pie to thank Grumpy for selling all the candles. Uh-oh. She sees all the boxes of unsold wax and walks away disappointed.

Sidney gives the phone records to Emma and she sees that David had a long chat with Catherine just before she crashed. Really? How do they know when she crashed?

The dwarfs audition for Scrooge.
photo credit,
Dreamy tip toes out of his little dorm but the other workers wake up and question him. He tells them he's had a change of heart and instead of having an awesome life living in the darkness with other little men who hatched from eggs, he going sailing around the world with a magical hot chick.

After one last group hug with his peeps, he runs through the forest to meet her. Near the end of the path, the Head Dwarf stands in his way and tells him dwarfs aren't capable of love. The Blue Fairy swoops in and tells him that Nova was meant to earn her wings, and that Dreamy is standing in the way of her true destiny.

Huh? That doesn't sound like something a fairy would say.

Mary Margaret and Grumpy share drinks in the pub/laundromat/diner and talk about how they can't be with the people they love. Mary Margaret wishes she could forget all about David. Grumpy refuses to let go of the good feelings Astrid gives him, saying it fills him with hope. And don't we know it! Fed up, Grumpy takes his last swig and crashes the festival.

He takes his pick axe (where did he get the pick axe?) and smashes the town's only transformer thingy, plugging Storybrooke into darkness.

Dreamy meets Nova and she hands him a telescope showing him the awesome Love Boat that's waiting for them. He tells her it's a no go. It's not meant to be, he's in the ground and she's in the air. She pleads with him saying they're in charge of their own lives, plus they're in love, right? She lays out her heart, but he tells her he's a dwarf, and everybody knows, dwarfs can't love.

He returns to the mine asking for his axe. Dreamy pounds the crap out of the stone and breaks his pick axe. The Head Dwarf hands him a new one, and the name Grumpy appears on the wooden handle.

Well, what do you know, I guess we can change after all.

Everyone in town is buying candles because no one has a flashlight. Mary Margaret and Grumpy rejoice because they've sold every last one. Grumpy gives Astrid the money and she forgives him for the horrible sin of lying. He talks about fixing up his boat and invites her for a sail.

The Mayor storms into Emma's office demanding action since her 'friend' Catherine has been missing since yesterday. Emma mumbles about being on top of things. Then the Mayor walks away.

Wow, moving scene.

Mary Margaret walks through the festival with her unlit candle. Granny kindly smiles and lights it for her. And just like that, everything is okay. David has been watching from the sidelines and is about to celebrate Mary Margaret's victory when Emma shows up all serious like. She puts him in the back of the Sheriff's car and takes him down to the station. Mary Margaret sees this and fears the worst.

The worst of course, is that Schmexy and his almost as sexy replacement, Autumn, didn't even make an appearance tonight.

I can't even make predictions about the next episode because the preview has me so excited. FINALLY Ruby gets a story line. And guess who else is in it? Yup, the Big Bad Wolf. And guess who has a special connection with wolves? Yup, Schmexy!

Who's with me? 


Jackie said...

I'm with you about the hokey egg hatching. I mean, really? They've done all of these wonderful things and that's the best story line they could come up with for the dwarfs?

Also, I can't wait for the next epi! I've been waiting for them to talk about Red Riding Hood. Finally! :D

BR Myers said...

Thanks, Jackie. My fingers will be crossed all week resulting in massive typos, ofcourse.

Kathryn Rose said...

I am so excited for Ruby's story. I've been waiting for this since the beginning. This was definitely not my favourite episode. I couldn't get past the hatching. In clothes. And could speak English. And had clearly shaved that day already. So weird.

I hope the real Sheriff comes back, too. He. Was. Fine.


Loving your weekly OUAT posts!

BR Myers said...

Thanks, Kathryn. Next week should make up for the all the hokey this episode.

Jackie said...

I have an award for you on my blog... from one fellow QTer to another. :D
I hope that's okay. Have a great week!

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