Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Make Your Own Writer's Survival Kit
Every writer should have a proper work area just for them, with everything they need only an arms length away. I prefer my big comfy couch in the living room with lots of pillows. By the time I've surrounded myself with a few essentials, I have a nest that would make Big Bird green with envy.

Here's my list of essentials:

1. Java. And lots of it, sister. Whether it be latte, espresso or americano, everyone knows a cut writer bleeds coffee.

2. Dish full of CHOCOLATES. Goes well with above mentioned java. Even a bag of baking chips will do.

3. Woolly socks. When the butt is in the chair, the blood flow can be compromised to the lower extremities. And everyone knows cold feet inhibit imagination.

4. Picture of Alex Pettyfer. We all imagine him as our MC...right?
5. iPod and ear buds. Soundtracks are great inspiration for specific scenes. Here are a few of my favorites.

Mysterious scene.

Chase scene.

Scary scene.

Smooching scene.

6. Hand wipes. See #2.

7. Lucky Troll Doll Necklace. Don't judge me. It works for BINGO.  

8. Pizza Delivery on speed dial. You've hit your word count for the day, hooray! But now it's supper time and the kids are starving.

BONUS! Elastic band. Wear it around your wrist. When self doubt creeps in, SNAP it, then keep writing.

What's in your writer's survival kit?


Jane Lebak said...

The problem with the wooly socks is that then I want to knit some, and that takes about 20 hours and I end up buying a crapton of sock yarn, and then it would be wrong not to knit the rest of it, and... ;-)

Michael Seese said...

I can't argue with #1 and #2, when writing during the day. In the evening, it's Red Zinfandel and #2.

Speaking personally, #4 does nothing for me. Although...I am working on a YA fantasy that involves four 18-ish year-old girls. And I have pictures of whom I envision the four of them resembling -- Elisha Cuthbert, Lindsay Lohan, Laura Marano, and...well, I haven't decided on the fourth -- to look at as I write the dialogue.

Arianna said...

You forgot tissues for when you burst into tears over more rejection letters, lost contests, and overall failure.

Or maybe that should just be on MY list...

Rebecca Green Gasper said...

You make me laugh! :) I love your posts. What a great survival kit. Supper on speed dial is definitely the key to successful daily word count.

Kathryn Rose said...

I came for Alex Pettyfer.

BR Myers said...


There's no need to brag. I'm sure all his girlfriends can say the same thing.


Laila N Mysis said...

Awesome list *thumb up* I feel like the Pirates of the Carribbean soundtrack needs a mention... under 'Epic Scene', perhaps :P

Arianna said...

Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

Kathryn Rose said...


Ahem. Nevertheless, I stand by my comment. ;)

Stacy Willows said...

Coffee. You already mentioned it, but I felt the need to emphasize it. COFFEE. My writer's survival kit also includes about three extra hairbands, so I don't need to get up and find one in case one snaps, and a phone. I get someone to send anything else I need upstairs.

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